Non-Partisan Candidates Needed

Non-Partisan Candidates Needed

By Ed Uehling

Las Vegas Tribune

While this is a true depiction of life under the Democrat Party-led Fascists, the Democrats are working overtime to manipulate their re-election on all fronts:

—Qualifications of voters: The Fascists have dictated that all people entering the Department of Motor Vehicles (and distributor of IDs which everyone, including foreigners without documentation, must carry) be registered to vote. On purpose, they have yet to find an unqualified non-citizen who has ever voted! Nothing happening here.

—Nearly forty percent of the people registering to vote (rumored to include those who choose registration as Republicans) end up registered as Non-Partisan. Non-partisans are not allowed to participate in the primary. This is just one of the reasons why it is important that everyone verify their registration.

—The Fascists have redrawn the lines of all state and local jurisdictions to enhance the likelihood of the Democrats’ winning. This is a common practice of both of our corrupt major parties.

—While the maps were redrawn months ago, they were just made available in printed form to the public on the first day of candidate registration. This has resulted in many surprises to potential candidates who now find themselves in completely different districts—not to mention the decisions of potential candidates who may have decided to run for office if they had been aware of their change in venue and for the future surprises that will reveal themselves to individual voters as they find themselves with changed leadership options. Of course, one can expect that no Fascist incumbent will be subjected to such surprises.

—At its March 15, 2022 (during the time candidates are signing up) meeting the County Commission Fascists award(ed) the Culinary Union seven million dollars for “workforce training.” The Culinary Union works hand in glove with the Resorts, mainly acting as the “ground game” for talking with and recruiting voters. Of course, it is pure coincidence that seven million dollars paid by your and my taxes are being paid to the Culinary Union four days before the start of the campaign period for our next elections!

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