Police, Clark County deploy social service outreach teams to Las Vegas Strip

Police, Clark County deploy social
service outreach teams to Las Vegas

By Dani Masten

(FOX5) — Earlier this month, FOX5 showed you how Clark County said it will deploy a team of social service outreach
workers to go out on the Las Vegas Strip with police in an effort to help reduce crime and address the increasing
homelessness issue.
They are called the CARE team. It is a combination of metro police and county social workers who will work together to
people off the strip streets and provide them with things like housing and wrap-around services.
People visiting Las Vegas can’t help but notice the amount of homeless residing on the strip.
The community advocacy resource and engagement team also known as the CARE team is working to address this.
“To help foster a safe environment for tourists and at the same time to be able to address the ever-increasing number
of people who are currently homeless,” said Randy Reinoso, deputy director for Clark County social services.
The CARE team was established in February of this year, responding to calls to address behavioral, mental and
substance abuse issues in different areas across the valley.
It is now adding a designated team to the Strip.
“Social workers accompany the metro officers to do an assessment and get that person who might need access to
services to connected to services,” said Reinoso.
The county did a study over the summer in the course of two weeks where they contacted over 800 homeless people
on the Strip.
Of those 800, the CARE team helped over 60 get help and in some kind of service.
“The recent incidents of violence that have occurred on the strip have led to fast pacing everything,” said Reinoso.
Reinoso said some of the homeless come from different places while some are from Vegas.
“Some of them are natives, some of them are transient and they move a lot and others are recent transplants to Clark
County so really it depends,” said Reinoso. “Not seeing a specific trend.”
Reinoso is hopeful this team will help to eliminate crimes on the strip.
“We know we have to act and take some responsibility and show that they are safe and also the people visiting Las
Vegas and the strip are also safe,” said Reinoso.
Reinoso said the care team goes out on the strip daily and is seeing the biggest need for housing, wrap-around

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