Happy Thanksgiving! By Perly Viasmensky

Happy Thanksgiving

By Perly Viasmensky
A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Hope you enjoy your macaroni and cheese dinner because, with the price of turkeys this year, to say nothing of all the trimmings, not everybody can afford the typical Thanksgiving dinner. But we hope it is happy for you nonetheless.
* * * * *
It is time to pay the piper “New Nevada residents must obtain their driver’s license and vehicle registration within 30 days.” THAT’S THE LAW. But the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles doesn’t care about the law. On the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles Web
Page, nothing about the law seems to apply to the State of Nevada. Nevada is losing lots of revenue because of the number of people
living and working in Nevada with out-of-state license plates, especially those of California and the other surrounding states. There are lots of irregularities going on, including people
registering to vote and registering with a particular party, yet they take it upon themselves to register everyone as “NO PARTY.”

We all know that the State of Nevada is at the brink of being bankrupt. That is something our new governor needs to take into consideration, and there IS a way to bring money into the coffers of the state. Inform all those people who are under the false impression that the State of Nevada is paying their salary to work so they can realize that we, the taxpayers, really pay their salaries. They work for us — the taxpayers. Put some of those “dead bodies” with the DMV back to work. Send them to casino employees’ parking lots to check on out-of-state license plates. Then go to Security and ask who the car belongs to.

With that information, then go to Human Resources and find out how long that
person has been employed by the casino and unregistered with the State of Nevada. That extra effort should be able to raise much-needed funds. (There is money for the coffers of the State of Nevada and they should start with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.)
We Nevadans pay for our vehicle registration which is practically nothing, but then there is a tax for this, and a tax for that, which
adds up at the end to an obviously bigger total. (That is perhaps why people skip that part of obeying the law.) If those people want to live in Nevada and work in our casinos, they
have to share the expenses like everyone else.
* * * * *
Wheelchair crossings are a 2-way street,
Every time there is an accident involving a pedestrian in a wheelchair everybody makes a federal case out of arbitration, advising drivers to be more careful. While we are big fans of safety first, citizens in a wheelchair also
need to be more careful and have a little consideration for drivers.

When those people in wheelchairs decide to cross a street, especially
streets without a street-crossing sign, they cannot hit the street without any warning, thinking that because they are in a wheelchair,
they have all the rights in the world. They need to watch for upcoming traffic or go to the nearby traffic light, as pedestrians are supposed to do. Not only are they putting their lives in danger by just “darting across,” but they are also creating trauma for the driver who had the misfortune to be in their
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She
writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky,
email her at pviasmensky@lasvegastribune.com.

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