Jill Biden apologizes for referring to Hispanics as “Breakfast Tacos”

Jill Biden apologizes for referring to Hispanics as “Breakfast Tacos”
By Perly Viasmensky
Las Vegas Tribune
First lady Jill Biden apologized on Tuesday after saying the Hispanic
community was as “unique” as “breakfast tacos” during a speech on
“The First Lady apologizes that her words conveyed anything but pure
admiration and love for the Latino community,” tweeted Michael LaRosa,
Biden’s press secretary.
Jill Biden received her doctorate in education from the University of
Delaware and still doesn’t know that Mexicans are not the only
Spanish-speaking people in the United States.
There is probably a dislike about her comment because not every member
of the Latino community eats tacos for breakfast.
This brought to mind the case of a local politician that told a group
of Mexican High School students that they could pass as Philippines.
As anybody could understand, Mexicans are extreme nationalists and
took that comment as an offense.
Latin America is understood to consist of the entire continent of
South America, in addition to Mexico and the islands of the Caribbean,
whose people speak a Romance language.
Salvadorans eat Pupusas. Guatemalans — Rellenitos; the typical
Hondurans breakfast usually is scrambled eggs, refried black beans and
tortillas. Panamenaens and Venezuelans eat arepas.
Cubans? For sure they don’t eat tacos for breakfast.
Of course, we are living in an era when everybody gets easily offended
for many different things.
Recently, the President of Mexico visited Washington to meet Joe
Biden. Mexicans made a big party out of the occasion. They had
Mariachi music, a couple of young ladies sang “Viva Mexico” in front
of the hotel where Mr. Lopez Obrador was staying and a lady who was
interviewed by Spanish Network “Telemundo,” said, “We came here to
support OUR president.”
There are some people that took that comment as an offense — “Our
President?” If the lady feels that way, what is she doing here? Why is
she not in Mexico supporting “HER” president?
That’s the way everything is nowadays. That lady likes to live in the
United States, at the expense of our dollars, but with her heart in
Mexico supporting “HER” president.
This is why I always believe there is a lot of truth in the old
saying: “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and pretend you’re stupid
than to open your mouth and prove that you are.”

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