Here’s my take on the 4th of July and the Constitution

Here’s my take on the 4th of July and the Constitution
By Mace J. Yampolsky
It’s the 4th of July weekend. Independence Day. Happy birthday,
America. Land of the free, home of the brave. But how brave are we
these days? What are those freedoms that we fought so hard to protect?
What happened to the right of privacy? Did the Constitution protect
the right of privacy? Not according to the U.S. Supreme Court. Roe vs
Wade, which legalized the right to abortion, has been overruled.
Does that mean that all abortion is illegal now? Not so fast. The
states can allow abortion under state law. There are several states
that do. Nevada and California are two. But the red states are rushing
to criminalize abortions with no exceptions. Some won’t allow
abortions after 6 weeks. Most women don’t know they are pregnant at
that time. It doesn’t matter. They could be raped. It doesn’t matter.
Texas law allows citizens to sue people that get abortions, including
the doctors who do the procedure. It’s frightening. But is this all or
is it the beginning of a slippery slope?
What’s next? I believe that many of the rights that LGBTQ hold dear
are under the gun. I believe it’s just a matter of time that the U.S.
Supreme Court will eviscerate many rights that are cherished. What
about transgender people? Will the surgery be illegal? What about the
drugs that those who transition need to take? Will they be illegal? I
think it’s just a matter of time. What about the bathroom issue? I’m
sure there will be other issues that pop up.
And what about same sex marriage? I believe that’s next on the
chopping block. America is turning Red. The country is becoming more
conservative by the minute. We have a two-party system. This should
lead to healthy discourse, but that’s not happening. There is a
polarization on both sides. It seems like civility has gone by the
wayside. There is a viciousness that pervades our differences.
I’m concerned that all of the progress in the area of civil rights is
eroding at breakneck speed. All of these new impediments to voting
will take their toll. We have had a peaceful transfer of power for
over 240 years, but there was almost a violent coup d’état because
President Trump couldn’t accept that he lost the election. Even though
he lost the popular vote and electoral college, he couldn’t accept
defeat. He propagated the big lie that the election was stolen from
him. He tried to bully secretaries of state and state election
officials to “find him votes.” He encouraged the violence of the armed
mob attacking the capital on January 6th.
He wanted to join them. He wasn’t afraid. He said they wouldn’t attack
him. He was probably right, but we will never know. He tried to grab
the wheel of his limo driven by the Secret Service. Thankfully they
prevailed and he wasn’t able to join the angry mob.
He eventually reluctantly told the mob to stand down after much
damage. It’s amazing that this could happen in America. You would
think this happens only in third world countries where dictators rule.
What will happen? Will he run again? Will conservative Republicans
forgive him for this unforgivable behavior? I don’t know, but it’s
frightening that he could win again. What would happen if he lost?
Would he call for another armed insurrection?
His lasting legacy will be the judges he nominated for the US Supreme
Court. Now there is a 6-3 conservative majority. I’m afraid that many
of our so-called inalienable rights will be wiped out.
Another right that may come under fire is interracial marriage. But,
since Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas who is Black is married to
a White woman, that should save this right at least while he is alive.
What’s the answer? I don’t know but I’m afraid of the path we are
Happy birthday to me. My birthday is July 5th. I’m old but I’m still
in the trenches slugging away. It’s what I do and who I am. I will not
go gently into the good night. I’ll keep on keeping on the best I can
despite what happens. All I can do is all I can do, as Billy Joel said
in, “If I only had the words to tell you.” Life goes on and on and
tonight will soon be gone, but if we try, we can be sure.
I’m not sure of anything anymore.
* * * * *
For more information regarding Nevada laws, or if you feel your rights
have been violated, please call Mace Yampolsky & Associates. Call or
text us at (702) 385-9777. We are available 24/7 for emergencies. If
you need help, CALL NOW before it is too late. We can help!

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