War on the horizon—who will help us fight back?

Maramis Choufani is the Managing Editor of the Las Vegas Tribune.

War on the horizon—who will help us fight back?

By Maramis

What are you going to say to your grandchildren when they ask you: “What did you do during the war, Grandma?” or “Where were you during the war, Grandpa?”

Right now, as you read those words, you may be wondering what war I’m talking about. I’m talking about the current war; the war we can see on the horizon; the war we are presently in to save the world.

While most people don’t think of us as being at war, if they gave it a bit of thought and started adding up all the casualties already accrued, they could hardly think of it as anything less than war.

Without naming our enemy, they have been trying their best to kill off our population to bring it down to some number they believe will make it better for those they will allow to live. If it means reducing the number of those still living today to something like only 20 percent of us, that will be fine with them. It is has to be fewer still, they can live with that.

So what makes this a war? If we had thought of it sooner, I imagine we could have gotten some kind of a “militia” together to stop everything that was inflicted upon us. Now, looking back, we could see that we were played for the frog who sat in the pot and had the heat turned up a little at a time so we couldn’t notice what was happening till we were just about cooked.

First, our actions were restricted, as being not allowed to travel on planes. Our state was closed down by our governor, whether or not it was his idea. It was right before I was to confirm my reservation to fly out to visit an old friend that I hadn’t seen in 35 years. If I had gone, I might’ve been held captive in Panama City for who knows how long.

But back home, things were getting bad enough. We were told to wear masks everywhere we went. We weren’t allowed in most places without one. There were notes on the doors warning us that masks were required.

Places that we normally would make appointments for, such as our dentists or our podiatrists, were temporarily closing down and we were told it was due to COVID. Businesses were also closing down. Those that were not deemed essential were closing by mandate. Some would never open again. People were losing their jobs, which meant losing their paychecks, which meant not being able to pay their rent and other bills, and even buy food and other necessities. And while the government claimed there would be funds forthcoming to fill in the gaps, many people suffered greatly awaiting those funds that never showed up.

In the meantime, our borders were still open and those who did not have access to enter this country legally kept coming. It seemed like they had more access to what was needed than those who lived here. We saw how crazy things seemed to be getting but as a country we did nothing to stop it.

Then schools were closed down, making it impossible for children to get the education they needed, and even though they needed to depend on their parents or others to homeschool them, such discipline was lax. Their parents had all they could do to find ways to still earn a living by not being allowed to go in to their usual jobs. Some were allowed to work from home, but everyone could not. Many who were just a few years from retirement were left to wonder how they would manage. People were losing their homes, couldn’t pay their rent, and more and more people were becoming homeless.

In the meantime, supplies and food were disappearing from store shelves; notices were being posted to limit talking just two or three of certain items. Toilet paper was getting scarce. Just as in war days past, people were once again hoarding it. People were hoarding all they could, but it seemed it would never be good enough.

We were even given instructions for how to wipe down the food items we got delivered from those home-delivery-only grocery stores. Many were wiping down everything they touched and then washing their hands as if their life depended it.

Things would look better for a time, than the mask-needing would flare up again; the churches were off limits while the casinos were open for business. Restaurants really tried to keep going and provide some little respite from the closed-down country; many tried and many failed.

People where told to hunker down in their homes, to not mingle with their friends, to not even shop in stores. We were encouraged to do without many things and to go out as seldom as possible, but always with a mask. Mostly, we were more than encouraged to get vaxxed. The elderly were to be first, or those who were immunocompromised, while they were planning to work their way through every adult and even the little children. Parents were talked into having their little ones vaxxed as well, and all the while, people were dying from their vaccines, maybe even more than from catching the virus. And people were being fired and not even allowed into some places for lack of that vax.

Sadly, many lives were in the balance, depending on not catching the COVID virus that was not under our control. We heard different stories about where this bug came from and how it got to infect the whole world. We could not escape it. People were dying; the hospitals couldn’t handle the workload. Doctors and nurses were getting to be at a premium.

There was no more fun, no more mingling with our friends, no more goodies fresh made at our bakeries. Transportation was nowhere near normal or natural. Even if things looked like they were getting better, were they really?

We had been living in a war zone for almost two years, Sometimes it would flare up, than it would seem to wind down. Then we heard that it had been planned way before it happened; supplies for the testing for COVID had already been ordered before we even knew it was the pandemic of all time, even worse than the one in 1918. We got to thinking maybe we had been duped into this. Who planned this pandemic? Who kept it going? Why would anyone do such a thing?

There’s an old saw about how to track down the truth. No doubt you’ve heard it: Follow the money. Who has gotten rich or richer from this pandemic? Who is still reaping a fortune from necessary items that are being forced upon the public? Who is pushing the vaccines even though they have not been proven to work? Who is making it look like they are helping the world, while what they are really doing is helping people to fall into line with what they want them to say, to think, and to do?

We have been in this war way before we even knew it was going on and the war isn’t over yet, but there’s hope if enough people are sick of the way we’ve been treated, sick of how the truly sick have been treated and left to die by not doing the right thing for them, and by not having what we need to take care of ourselves. Maybe it’s time for some kind of counterattack, which hopefully can be something like a plan for a new world, a better world, a parallel universe (as some people might say) in which what we can offer each other is “only the good stuff,” and none of the bad.

When we need something the government can’t or won’t give us, or we refuse to accept, we can supply it for ourselves; and when the government forces us to take something we do not want, enough of us can form the resistance and not be intimidated; and so on and so on, joining our forces till we have whatever we need and are able to break free from the way we have become to become really free!

Enough is enough! God bless our efforts to be truly free!

* * * * *

Maramis Choufani is the Managing Editor of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Maramis, email her at maramistribune@gmail.com.

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