“An Amazing Discovery for Skin Care” By Sandy Zimmerman-Features Editor-Entertainment/Lifestyles/Dining Reporter


I was invited to the celebration of the launch of Pili Ani’s newest collection of natural beauty products during dinner at the Farmtable Kitchen + Spirits. This was an exciting evening as they unveiled their beauty secrets for the first time! 

Pili Ani, a Philippine Island Company, found the answer with their award-winning natural skincare line. Now we can pamper ourselves with Pili Ani, crafted for Beauty the natural way! I always prefer the natural way, without all of those harmful ingredients.

REVIEW: “I like each of the bold designs of the small containers holding the beauty products. They are really sleek, attractive, colorful, and designed for convenience, women can drop them in their purses or even pockets! During the day or at an event, just refresh and you can always be beautiful. With the bottle’s attractive shapes and designs, they even attract when sitting on the store’s shelves.

It is time to think of your skin, how Pili Ani’s amazing collection makes it happen! In just minutes, you set the foundation for your special “look”. I opened the lovely bottles and felt the lotions, so smooth, so easy to use!”

As Dane Albay, Pili Ani’s Global Marketing Manager, explained, “The highest quality “SUPERFOOD” for your skin has been a secret in the Bicol Region of the Philippines for centuries . . . until now. With extensive research and product development, the Elemi and Pili Oils are the perfect powerful combination for firming our skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, moisturizing, and so many more.

Beauty products have been around for centuries but this discovery is recent.

Elemi Oil comes from the sap of the Pili Tree. It is a rare and potent extract that tones, firms and reduces fine lines and literally lifts from within. Pili Ani follows strict tapping techniques and must wait five to six years before they can yield another set of Elemi oil from the same tree.

Mary Jane Tan-Ong and her daughter created a business that would provide a livelihood for the local farmers and their families. What a surprise when they discovered and realized the amazing benefits of both Pili and Elemi Oils.

Pili Ani, this incredible new discovery, is going global with their beauty secrets and products now available in the United States. As Pili Ani says, “Show your skin some extra love.”


The Pili Ani line is best for beauty and we dined at the Farmtable Kitchen + Spirits which is known as best for their food. (I am writing an article about the dinner.) 

globalmarketing@elemienaturals.com    www.piliani.com

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