Toxic Ka-Leaky-Leaky ridicules Blacks, humiliates GOP politicians

Toxic Ka-Leaky-Leaky ridicules Blacks, humiliates GOP politicians

By Chuck Muth

On March 18 I warned folks, especially candidates, about participating in Nephi Oliva, aka Nafi Khaliki, aka Knee-High Ka-Leaky-Leaky’s, CCW (concealed carry) training event in Las Vegas this past Sunday. 

They should have listened. From 8 News Now last Wednesday morning…

“Racist comments made at a conservative political fundraiser are sparking outrage. Several Republican politicians attended the event including Assemblyman Tom Roberts and North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee. Roberts is running for Clark County sheriff. Lee is running for governor. … Lee and Roberts both appear in videos taken at the event.”

A report by NewsOne added…

“(W)hen a firearm instructor in Nevada got on stage during a recent conceal carry weapon (CCW) event and decided to do his version of the ‘white people are this way while Black people are this other way’ jokes that most Black comedians stopped doing in the late ’90s, his bit was stale, dated, completely unclever and completely racist. He probably thought it was OK because he was also making fun of white people, but nah — the racism and Black resentment were clear in his presentation.”

So what “racist comments” did Ka-Leaky-Leaky make during his training presentation? 

Well, he put up a slide titled “Firearm Safety for Black People” which included the following…

—ALWAYS shoot the gun right side up

—ALWAYS lick the chicken grease off your fingers before shooting

—ALWAYS make sure there’s a White person around so you have someone to blame for everything that goes wrong in your life

—ALWAYS aim for small children to ensure you actually hit another gang member

In response to the well-deserved, widespread blowback, this blowhard said, “Look, I think racism’s funny.”

Yeah, um…Dave Chappelle he’s not. And such wonderful PR for Republicans. Thanks, Knee-High.

Ka-Leaky-Leaky also used the event to endorse Roberts for Clark County sheriff — which is absurd for anyone calling themselves a “conservative,” as Knee-High does.

Roberts is the poster child for RINOs (Republicans in Name Only). He chalked up the second-worst conservative voting record in the 2021 session per the Nevada Policy Research Institute’s ratings (61.06 percent) and regularly campaigns for… Democrats.

On April 3 I wrote…

“I understand why this POS (Knee-High) needs to be associated with them (GOP candidates); it gives him an air of credibility he otherwise wouldn’t have. But why in the world would they associate with HIM?”

It’s even harder to understand today.

One last thing: I also found it interesting that this jackass would conduct a gun training program in a “gun-free zone.” It was held at a Clark County library where attendees and Ka-Leaky-Leaky were prohibited from carrying their weapons on the premises.

Yeah, that makes perfect sense. What a clown show.

* * * * *

Chuck Muth is president of and publisher of He blogs at

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