Are we really allowed to go around without a mask now?

Maramis Choufani is the Managing Editor of the Las Vegas Tribune

Are we really allowed to go around without a mask now?

By Maramis

Allowed? Are we at the mercy of those who have to grant us permission to do the things we were always allowed to do, if we wanted? Or have we been at the mercy of those who insisted that we do what we don’t want to do, just because “they” said so, even though we know that wearing masks does not really help and that was proven back in 2020.

I remember a video made by a hospital nurse who demonstrated the value of wearing — or not wearing — masks during all the mask-wearing mandates. She demonstrated with a video showing people sitting along a table with masks on and just talking, or coughing, and variously sneezing and/or blowing smoke through their “approved” style of face masks while she was using some kind of filter on her camera that caught the particles that were coming through the masks. Yes, coming right through the masks. Cough particles, sneeze particles, and smoke vapors. And what came through those masks did not stop right in front of their own faces; it was projected clear across to the other side of the table. And guess what? When I went to show that video to someone, it was gone. That video would not be good for any mandate story that Fauci or those of his ilk were making people believe.

This was back in 2020, shortly after mask mandates came into vogue. There was a lot of talk about the mandating of those masks, both pro and con; because it was a new thing, there was a lot of “con,” but people were beginning to understand that they were doing it for the good of themselves and their families and everyone they would run into out in public. Dr. Fauci kept reminding people that “the science” was telling us that was what we needed to do.

Of course, even Dr. Fauci didn’t always know which side of the fence he was on, and so he was in favor of wearing the masks at one time, then changing his mind or his stance, and then back again. All he claimed was that he was always on the side of “science.”

As time — and the pandemic — went on, we heard many different stories or versions of those stories from the lips of Dr. Fauci (and others) in regard to what is best for us to do. Needless to say, it was really hard to know for sure what to do. But fear of “catching the coronavirus” because we let our guard down was enough to turn many into believers of those who felt that wearing the mask was the best thing to do.

If they had ever seen that simple little demonstration that one simple (but wise) nurse had felt necessary to show whoever was willing to watch it (because she was a really dedicated and truth-loving nurse), they — the public at large — would not have been led astray by all the lectures that were going around about why we needed to wear those masks or risk infecting ourselves or infecting everyone we met. We — at large — were even told, eventually, that our little children — and I do mean little — had to be masked as well.

Imagine trying to get those little ones to not only put their masks on, but keep them on. If adults didn’t like them very much, how could we expect children who couldn’t even understand what the reason was for wearing them to do what we had to expect them to do?

While I didn’t read all the stories regarding the protestors who were practically brutalized, but definitely bullied, by ordinary shoppers or travelers who were like vigilantes trying to demand that everyone in their space be wearing a mask, I heard about them. They were like fear-crazed people really and truly believing that every unmasked person could lead them into the very illness that they were fighting so hard to avoid.

Travel back in those not-so-long-ago days was not only restricted, but if anyone did travel by public conveyance (train, plane, bus or such) they were required to mask up. And so were their children. When they refused to mask their children, they were not allowed to continue their travel on that conveyance. Mothers and fathers alike were finding that they now had a new area of concern regarding their children.

But now some of us are free from the demanding and unnecessary mandate to wear a mask whenever we travel or go into a grocery store. It seems to be a nationwide thing now, except for certain care facilities or hospitals, and mainly for the staff. But there are always exceptions. And until wearing a mask is never even a thought in anyone’s mind again, some people will still prefer to wear those face coverings for the so-called sake of their health, or the sake of all those around them, since it’s hard to get Fauci’s “scientific” whys and wherefores out of their head.

But we must try to be normal again! We must get used to seeing everyone’s face again! We must rejoice in someone who could make it happen to actually make it happen! It’s almost like a hallelujah moment in time!

* * * * *

Maramis Choufani is the Managing Editor of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Maramis, email her at

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