“It’s amazing what happens when People get Together for a Good Cause!” By Sandy Zimmerman

I was invited to interview the celebrity ambassadors, project directors, coordinators, band, and volunteers, on the Unity Project and Spread the Cheer’s red carpet for the CHEER CHOICE AWARDS-2022 at the MGM Grand Hotel. What an event! The message the Spread the Cheer and the Unity Project brings-“If you think on a big scale anything is possible and can happen globally as well as here in Las Vegas!”

So many people got together from different back grounds, dedicated, enthused and sincere with hopes of solving some of the world’s problems. Hope can bring action and around 500 people were celebrating in the large conference auditorium for this evenings activities. The Unity Project and Spread the Cheer are great examples backing not just one project but several projects.  

The results of Spreading the Cheer’s mission brings people together from across the country, working as one, to help those in need. Together we can bring about positive change by helping provide life changing needs for children and families in desperate need during the holiday seasons and beyond.

Danielle Claudio, President/Founder and one of the creators of the Cheer Choice Awards, feels that “The Cheer Choice Awards stands for more than just an awards show showcasing social media creators but to honor those who are using their platforms to make a difference in the lives of others while supporting charities with the same mission.”

 Karen Tonnor, Volunteer Coordinator of Spread the Cheer USA at Cheer Choice Awards recognizing positive content from the creators of social media.

They can all be proud of their work and efforts, each in their own ways, adding to the fundraising and building a network across the world. Their goals were not small and it appears they were more successful than anticipated. It takes enormous effort, perseverance and taking time out of their own lives to bring these great results. Working together in each of their groups created the impetus to push this ahead!

I interviewed Paula Abdul at the “Keep Memory Alive” event and now I had the chance to interview her again, as beautiful as ever. She is a lady who cares about people and causes.
Abdul was scheduled to dance the TIK TOK Dance but she wore a tight dress but I believe she did dance later. 

Sandy Zimmerman was Director of Promotions, Director of PR, and Director of Marketing for “Flashdance Fever,” “Cotton Club on Parade,” “Women of Comedy,” “Men of Paradise,” and many other early live Las Vegas shows. As an award-winning television travel special producer, she produced travel specials around the world as well as documentaries for Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion Canyon, Grand Canyon North Rim, a real Cattle Drive similar to the early westerns in Reno, Nevada, and destinations in the US. Sandy Zimmerman has appeared in Las Vegas as TV host/ producer for 25 years, appeared in Las Vegas’ first live TV show with a live audience at the Continental Hotel, won an award for a TV Commercial, wrote “Rise of Ned Kelley, the Australian Bushranger/Travel Guides-”Escape to Thailand”/and a book about China. For Information, Questions, Submissions, or Requests write: sandyzimm2003@ yahoo.com or call: 702-515-0846. pop, R&B, and dance music.



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