The US Congress must vote to stop the Iran deal NOW!

Guest Editorial by Barry Shaw

The US Congress must vote to stop the Iran deal NOW!

Guest editorial by Barry Shaw

Lifting sanctions off an unrepentant Iran and its troublesome organizations and individuals will not prevent Iran from attempting to implement their messianic ambitions to destroy Israel.

In the toothless contract without stringent, even crippling, conditions, being badly negotiated by Robert Malley, there is nothing to prevent Iran’s march to the ultimate weapon, nor the strengthening of its armed forces and proxy militias spread across the Middle East and currently targeting Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf states. 

Iran will be unrestrained, not only to rush to become a nuclear threshold state, but by being richly rewarded by yet another dumb American financial appeasement that will gift it the ability to continue its ballistic weapons program (i.e., the vehicle that will carry its doomsday bomb to Israel), plus a massive new budget to rearm both its own IRGC forces and its malevolent proxies, who currently possess over 200,000 precision rockets, missiles, and suicide drones aimed at Israel. 

At least three officials have walked away from Malley’s negotiating team. One is quoted as saying, ”What’s happening in Vienna is a complete disaster!”

The devil is in the details. Here are some of the shocking details.

Malley is lifting sanctions off two Iranians responsible for the 1994 bombing of the Jewish Community Center in Argentina that killed 85 Jews. These officials are still prominent in the Iranian leadership plotting the annihilation of Israel, the Jewish State.

If the murder of Jews does not disturb you, Malley is lifting sanctions against IRGC brigadier general Hossein Dehghan, responsible for the 1983 Hezb’allah bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut that killed 241 U.S. service personnel.

Sanctions are also to be lifted off Iran’s oil production, a gift that will reward Iran with billions of dollars. That money will enable them to continue their covert enriched uranium development and overt military ambitions in the region. 

According to a report by former State Department whistleblower, Gabriel Noronha, Malley is willing to pay Iran a $7-billion ransom for the release of up to twelve hostages held in Iranian jails. This money will be released from frozen Iranian accounts in South Korean banks as part of a hostage exchange that will release four Americans for up to twenty-four Iranian spies currently being held in America.

The reason the Biden administration is desperate to make this deal is more mundane than protecting Israel from nuclear annihilation. It has everything to do with the need to score a foreign policy success as America heads into the midterm election campaign season. 

Simply put, the Biden administration is sacrificing Israel for cynical domestic politics. 

If proof is necessary, Biden has appealed to Iran to sign the deal so he can buy Iranian oil instead of Russian oil or from Saudi Arabia or the Gulf States.

Is it any surprise the Saudis and Emiratis don’t answer his phone calls? 

We are appealing to Congress to oppose this dangerous deal, but Malley has designed a process to bypass Congress by lifting sanctions on non-nuclear issues that will allow Iran to extract the money lodged in South Korean banks. 

As whistleblower Gabriel Noranha wrote, even if Malley later submits the deal to Congress, the bulk of the damage will already have been done. Iran will control billions of dollars; it will be exporting oil for further revenue to continue its drive for regional and, eventually, world dominance; and the U.S. will no longer have the leverage it has right now. 

This is diplomatic malpractice that increases the existential threat to Israel. 

The Biden administration is claiming that it is reframing the bad 2015 JCPOA deal. Not true. This is not the JCPOA deal. 

It is much, much, worse. 

The clock is ticking, and the U.S. Congress must vote to stop this deal. 

* * * * *

Barry Shaw is international public diplomacy director, Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

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