‘The People’s Convoy’ stop at Hagerstown (Md.) Speedway

‘The People’s Convoy’ stop at Hagerstown (Md.) Speedway

(Part three of a six-part series)

Victoria Giampa shares her conversations with some of the truckers, co-organizers, rally speakers, and attendees gathered in a peaceful protest against government mandates and restrictions. And they all thanked her for the chance to speak out.

(March 4-5)

Brian Brase, a co-organizer, demands government accountability and an end to vaccine mandates.



My name is Don Brown. …I’m here to be a voice for them because they have no voice. We’re here for freedom for the babies. I want to be a voice for the ones in the womb. Their freedom — they lost their freedom almost fifty years ago — almost fifty years ago they lost their freedom. It’s way overdue. They want it back.

What are you going to do about it specifically?

I’m being a voice for them right now; however, the Lord leads. The Lord rescued me 19 years ago. I found out who my creator was, and I serve Him. He’s called me to be a voice for them out here.

And what’s the name of your organization?

This truck is CPR — that’s the name of the organization. I volunteer with them.

Thank you so much.


Lake Charles, Louisiana:

[I’m] Ricky Dowden. Lake Charles Louisiana. I fed them from Oklahoma to here. And I appreciate what y’all doin’. It’s not about the Republicans. It’s not about the Democrats. It’s about the corruption in Washington. They need to take care of the people and take care of the people in the United States. There’s a lot of people that died for our freedom; that’s why we’re able to assemble like this, and we need to take care of [them]. Again, I appreciate you’all comin’ out … 

People need to take care of what we have; take care of our own people and uphold our constitutional right; that’s what’s on that trailer.

And how many truckers have you fed?

Seventy gallons of food. I’ve run out of sausage two States ago. The Good Lord just keeps putting food in my ice chest, so I keep giving it out.

Good for you.

Y’all have a good one. I appreciate y’all comin’ out and telling the truth.


I’m Rob; how you doin’?

Tell me about yourself and about The People’s Convoy.

So The People’s Convoy…we found out about it and being a very peaceful convoy, we wanted to help out and support. So we organized around the Maryland/Virginia area to help bring supplies in for anything we could think of that the truckers might need in order to keep this journey going and support them through this endeavor. They’re doing a wonderful thing, and we need to support them anyway we possibly can.

How much did you get donated from people?

We’ve had a lot donated from people. What you see here is only a very small portion of the donations that have come in from people. We have care packages there for the truckers. We have trailers full of stuff. We have stuff back at other peoples’ houses waiting to come in to be supplied — all of that is donations that people brought in. The outpouring from the public has been incredible. It’s extremely emotional how much people are willing to give to support this movement for our rights, to end the mandates, to get ourselves back to normal, back to a constitutional state. It’s incredible to watch these truckers come in who are willing to take time from their lives, come into here, take time off work, spend their personal money on fuel and everything else. We need to support them anyway we possibly can.

So, one of our people within our Maryland-Virginia group, she put on a donation drive and had a 4-year old boy come up — he didn’t come up. He saw the signs for donations for The Convoy; had his mom go home so he could get his money. He came back, and he came up to the young lady doing the drive, and he handed her four quarters. He explained to her that he had been watching this on the news. He knew what was going on. He saw the signs and he wanted to contribute and help. So he gave her his four quarters, and he said, “This is my allowance for the past two weeks; that’s all I’ve got; I don’t have any more, but I want the truckers to have this. Do you think this will fill their tanks?” I wasn’t there at the time. I would hope that she gave the same answer I did, which was ‘Yes. Yes, it will.’ That boy is being raised right and that’s what America is about!


Edmond, Oklahoma:

My name is Dallas Ambrose, and I’m from Edmond, Oklahoma. And I came on this Convoy to see America change, to see true change from the people; get rid of the mandates and put it in the People’s hands.

How far do you expect to go? All the way to DC?

Oh, yeah.

And what is the most memorable experience you had in this Convoy?

The people on the overpasses.

What have you seen?

Just thousands and thousands of people just cheering and holdin’ up their signs.

And how many trucks do you think you’ve seen in this Convoy pass by?

Oh, just — I couldn’t even put a number on it; there’s hundreds.

One of the mandates that — a particular state, for example, California, my truck — as nice as my truck is, it is absolutely too old for the State of California, and so I don’t go to California any longer.

And how old is it?

It’s ’07.

And how new would they like the trucks to be?

Well, they want all the pollution controls on it, which the trucks are not the problem.

What is the problem?

Well, it’s the cars. You could put me in a garage with my truck running and the door down and I’ll get sick, but you go in your garage with the door down and you’re dead. So you tell me which one’s killing the environment.

Thank you.


President, Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC Alliance):

Hello, America! We gotta just say something about the land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! That’s what I thought. I’m just honored to be here amongst you guys. You guys are the Free and the Brave and you want to keep it that way. You know, what I want to talk to you guys about is how this happened, right? How our Country and our freedoms were stolen. They stole it using science, that’s why I’m here to talk ‘cause I’m a physician; I’m a researcher. I happened to have a front row seat in how they corrupted the science that enabled them to take our freedoms away, prevent us from keeping our livelihoods, keeping our families, and they did that by being criminals. These were crimes perpetrated by criminals. And I want to talk about who those criminals are. I didn’t believe this going into COVID; I had to learn this. But you need to understand something, and I will speak about this for the rest of my life. But the pharmaceutical and vaccination industries are criminal enterprises.

They don’t care. They don’t care about us, our health, our bodies. They have been a criminal industry for decades. If you look at the last 20 years, there are 20 [really] large settlements. And by the way, they’re always settling out their product—but in the last 20 years, in those settlements, they paid 13 billion dollars in civil penalties and 6 billion dollars in criminal fines and that’s not including the opiate epidemic. They brazenly commit crimes. They don’t care. All they need to do is sell you drugs and put needles in your arm. And how they did this is terrifying. They did this using propaganda and censorship. They have fed not only this country lies but the world lies. Nothing but non-scientific, manipulated and hidden data. They know they hid the data. They’re now admitting they hid the data. The lawyers are coming but it’s not stopping the dying; people are dying as a result of these crimes. And you know, if you look at history, if you look at states or countries under which they’ve fallen, massive censorship and propaganda, those countries went mad. They went mad and they did horrible things. We’ve never in history had an entire world subjected to massive censorship and propaganda all at the same time. And that’s why the world has gone mad; they’ve lost their minds.

 And when you feed people lies, misinformation, you hide from them the truth, they start doing really strange things and that’s why we’re here. We need to stop them from doing these things to us. And that’s why I’m here as a physician because the truth is everything that they’re not telling you. And we have to stop the crimes. I mean, the data — the data is terrifying, the depths of the lies and the count of loss of human life is overwhelming.

The life insurance companies — Do you want to talk about the truth? The moneymen are now speaking up. The life insurance companies are reporting an unprecedented 40 percent increase in death, non-COVID death, among 18 to 64 year-old United States citizens starting in early 2021 when they rolled out these vaccines. The vaccines are killing us in the hundreds of thousands. And the moneymen are getting scared. They are paying out life insurance claims and disability claims like they never have before. It shows you that we’re all getting sicker and dying as a result of these vaccines. We have to protect ourselves and our children.

So the whistleblowers — finally the whistleblowers are showing up. I’ve been screaming for whistleblowers about these crimes for two years. The whistleblowers that just came out of the military — that data is now available. They are running scared. The data of what’s happened to our Armed Forces is just a horror show. We are living in a nightmare, but it’s not a dream; it’s a reality. They’re literally killing our service members. They are falling sick with dozens of diseases at rates that they’ve never seen before — 300, 400, and even 1,200 percent increases in all sorts of terrible illnesses; and it has to stop!

And beyond propagating these toxic vaccines and threatening our livelihoods and our families, they’ve also starved us of effective medicine and that’s the fight that I’ve been in. My organization, the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance — all we’ve done is die! We’ve just tried to emulate the true spirit of a physician, where you put your patient as your primary consideration; not a policy, not a protocol, and not some institution or health care industry. They don’t doctor; we doctor.

And all we’ve tried to do is figure out how to treat this disease, and we did figure that out. The problem is: We figured out how to do it with really inexpensive medicines; and that’s what transformed my life is as I began to speak out about the efficacy of these medicines, these life-saving medicines, I found out that I landed into a decade’s long war on repurposed drugs committed by the pharmaceutical industry. They do not want you to know that natural therapies work. They do not want you to know the importance of vitamins. And they especially don’t want you to know the importance of safe, unparalleled safe, low cost, generic, off-patented medicines. They need obscenely profitable medicines to be used. And I saw that war on early treatment. Literally we had our government telling us to stay home until you turn blue, and then you go to the hospital and they use toxic medicines that don’t work — dumb medicine, overtly dumb. None of this is subtle, guys. None of this is subtle. They’re using an IV antiviral 10 and 12 days into a viral illness. Every doctor knows better. You don’t use antivirals 2 weeks into an illness. They don’t work. We know they don’t work, but yet, this country at $3,000 a dose infuses it into every American. The world has gone mad!

And I thought my fellow physicians were immune to these lies, that we could look at the data objectively, openly, without bias, but they were no, no less immune than the rest of the country. So much of this country has believed all the lies and still believes the lies and that’s why I’m speaking up. And the way they did that war has transformed me. I’m like a broken physician now. I can’t pick up a medical journal because what appears in medical journals is what they allow to appear in medical journals, and that’s not the truth. It’s the truth they want you to believe, and the doctors eat up those journals; they know how to do this. They’re really good at doing this. They put lies in journals, and they put lies in the mouths of the broadcasters and the journalists. Every day I wake up to this mantra, repeatedly hammered — safe and effective. Safe and effective. We know they’re anything but.

And we’re told that these medicines don’t work, right? And they ignore medicines. We have so many trials on so many repurposed medicines that they ignore them, they won’t recommend them while they prorogate mutagenic drugs like Molnupiravir; this poisonous drug called paxlovid. I mean, this is really a nightmare, but this is what’s happened is our country’s been taken over effectively by the pharmaceutical industry. All of the policies being admitted from our agencies which are captured, they are under a state of total regulatory capture. That’s why I’m trying to explain to you what’s happened. Because we can’t have it continue and we can’t have it again. They’ve used this playbook before. They’ve been using this playbook for decades, but the scale and the human cost is unprecedented and it has to stop! You know, and what I’ve had to go through, you know, and this is not about ego exercise; it’s not about me. I’m just telling you how hard it is to get the truth out.

But I testified in the Senate in May of 2020 and I called for the critical and immediate use of cortical steroids in a hospitalized patient. I was in a university white tower hospital system, and I had to leave because they were arguing that we could only do supportive care, that steroids weren’t proven. I went out to the world and I said, you need to use it immediately and I did it at a time when every national, international health care agency said don’t use it, it will increase death. Two months later – two months later — a big trial came out and it’s now standard care worldwide. And I know that that recommendation that I put out, me and that organization, saved a lot of lives in the interim. 

Then I tried to do it again. I was again invited into the Senate. I gave testimony that Ivermectin must be globally and consistently used in the prevention and treatment of COVID worldwide. And that’s when that war started. That war on Ivermectin was not the first war on COVID. The first war was the war on hydroxychloroquine in 2020. So many people have died. We’ve lost hundreds and thousands of Americans due to that war on suppressing early treatment.

They did it with the journalists; they did it with the media. They did it by creating and designing trials in which those that got toxic doses of hydroxychloroquine, they died more than control groups; and they claimed it didn’t work. They know how to design studies and trials designed to fail, and the doctors don’t realize it.

And when I came out and spoke for Ivermectin, you know, I had to leave a second job because they wanted to take away my First Amendment rights. They didn’t fire me; they offered me a new contract, and that contract had about eight different restrictions on my ability to speak openly and freely. It was a short conversation. I said, “No thank you,” and I walked out. 

Then I got another job. I’m an ICU doctor. I need ICU Hospital practice critical care and people were dying in the ICUs and I was trying to help them and I got a third job. And then that day – I finally couldn’t keep quiet about the vaccine data anymore because I could save a few in the ICU but so many were dying outside of these vaccines and I started to speak up about the vaccines. Well, [I got] fired from that job. And you know, so this has come at a great cost to all of us. My story is not unique; I’m still alive. I’ve got a few bucks in my pocket. You know, I’m going to be okay. I’m not in a great — I’m not in a casket; so there’s no sympathy that’s needed for me. And I’m going to keep fighting the fight. At the same time that I lost so much, I gained so much. I’m here with all of you fighting. Americans! Standing up! Speaking the truth and resisting tyranny!

That is what we do. Keep in mind, they are coming after our children. Not only do we have to protect them, but we have to show them how to live like an American, and all of you who have brought your children here tonight, all of you have shown up, you can tell your children and grandchildren that you were here speaking up, being free Americans in the truest spirit of America. We have to keep America free! It’s been taken from us. We gotta bring it back! 

* * * * *

Next week, the People’s Covoy interviews continue in part four.

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