Barak Zilberberg, candidate for Governor, will train Family Court Judges on the Constitution!

Barak Zilberberg, candidate for Governor, will train Family Court Judges on the Constitution!

By Steve Sanson

Veterans in Politics

Veterans In Politics video internet talk show interviewed Barak Zilberberg, candidate for Nevada Governor.

Zilberberg owns real-estate holdings in California and Nevada and is upset with our constitutional rights being taken away.

Zilberberg has a home in Nevada and spends time living in both Nevada and California.

Zilberberg wants to triple the population in Nevada, but the host asked where we would get the water from to support that population surge. Zilberberg said he would limit the water going to California and Mexico.

The host said to hold the phone — wanting to know if we already have water leaving Nevada and going to Mexico and Zilberberg said yes.

The host asked about the contraband going into the prison system from Correctional Officers (CO) to Prison Gang Leaders.

Zilberberg said he would put a policy in place to search everyone entering the prisons and he would have them terminated if contraband was found.

The host asked about the corruption in the Family Court System. The host continued to say that Family Court Judges violate the 14th and 7th Amendments.

Zilberberg didn’t know the 7th Amendment’s right to a jury trial, and he didn’t know that there are no jury boxes in family court.

Zilberberg said that one person should not [judge] a person’s faith. He also said that he would use his executive powers as Governor.

The host asked why would he would need Executive Powers if the constitution already affords us the right to a jury and a fair judiciary.

Zilberberg said that he would force corrupt judges to resign.

The host asked why we allow family court judges to alienate children from parents and why we allow one man or one woman to steal children from their parents.

Zilberberg said that he would sit down and talk to judges and have them follow the constitution.

Zilberberg said that our current Governor is a joke.

The host explained that vexatiousness is used in family court to stifle the constitutional rights of pro-se litigants but the same doesn’t apply to self-righteous attorneys that do the same thing for the almighty dollar.

The host continued to say that family court judges don’t follow the law or rule of evidence and they only go by their personal bias that they call discretion.

The host asked what he is going to do to make sure that the Constitution lives in family court.

Zilberberg said that he will have a training class on the US Constitution for family court judges.

The host explained that in this state we cannot recall a judge, the only elected body that we cannot recall. The host asked if Zilberberg supports the Removal or Retention legislation to remove bad judges from the bench.

Zilberberg believes the working age should be lowered to 14 years old; he also believes that we need to teach money management in elementary school.

Zilberberg said this will help children learn about such things at a young age and not be in financial debt when they get older.

The host asked Zilberberg if he is willing to open an investigation into the marijuana tax dollars that were introduced to the public to fund education and enhance teachers’ salaries.

Zilberberg said that he would launch an investigation into those funds and he will donate his governor’s salary to public education.

Zilberberg said he is a self-made millionaire who is running for Governor from the heart.

Please go to website to learn more about Zilberberg.

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