Stavros Anthony said that he has been in training for the office of Nevada’s Lt. Governor

Stavros Anthony said that he has been in training for the office of Nevada’s Lt. Governor

By Steve Sanson

Veterans in Politics

Veterans In Politics video internet talk show interviewed Stavros Anthony, candidate for Nevada’s Lieutenant Governor and Las Vegas Mayor Pro Tem with special co-host Stephanie Phillips.

Anthony said that he has been in Nevada since 1980 to be a member of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD).

Anthony has a Masters and a Ph.D.; he became a member of the University Board of Regents and has earned his doctorate. You can call him Dr. Anthony but not many people do.

A retired captain of the LVMPD, in 2009 he became a member of the Las Vegas City Council and won by 10 votes. Yes, every vote counts!

Anthony ran for the Clark County Board of Commissioners and lost by 10 votes.

Anthony believes the election was stolen from him with ballot harvesting, automatic registration at the DMV, and same-day registration.

Anthony continued and said that the Clark County Voter Registry went to the Board of County Commissioners to certify the votes in each race except for his.

Anthony said that the Commissioners voted 6 to 1 to hold a Special Election and then the weight of the Democratic Party certified the election without any public comments when the Commissioners voted 7-0.

Anthony said he asked for a recount of the election and they had him losing by 15 votes.

The host asked Anthony to explain the position of the Lieutenant Governor. He responded that the Lt. Governor is Chair of the Tourism Commission, Vice-Chair of the Transportation Commission, responsible for the office of Small Business Advocacy, Homeland Security Responsibilities, President of the Nevada Senate during the legislative session, and becomes Governor if the Governor is unable to perform their duties.

Anthony said that he has been promoting tourism as a member of the Las Vegas City Council for the past 12 years, currently on the Regional Transportation Commission, has been a member of the LVMPD so he has tons of experience with Homeland Security, and is currently removing barriers for small business while being on the City Council. Anthony said that he is well versed job [in the job responsibilities] right now to become Nevada’s Lieutenant Governor. Anthony added that we need to reduce regulations and fees to attract business to our state.

Please click on the following website to learn more about Stavros Anthony: Stavros Anthony for Lieutenant Governor a Conservative We Can Trust:

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