Nevada’s Hug-a-Thug Top Cop: “Stop Putting Criminals in Jail!

Nevada’s Hug-a-Thug Top Cop: “Stop Putting Criminals in Jail!

By Chuck Muth

The left is really, really good at playing with words to make bad things sound not so bad — like how they refer to race-based discrimination as “affirmative action” or illegal aliens as “undocumented immigrants.”

Um, they’re “undocumented” because they’re here illegally. Duh.

Over the past few years, they’ve been playing the same word game for their soft-on-crime public policies embraced by various liberal elected officials, judges and district attorneys. They call it…

“Criminal justice reform.”

Sounds so benign. I mean, who isn’t for “justice,” right? 

In fact, the term is so vague and unclear that some people might actually think it means reforming our laws to make them TOUGHER on criminals — which is exactly the objective.

What it really means is to stop sending criminals to prison and giving arrested criminals, including many violent ones, get-out-of-jail-free cards so they can continue to prey on our neighborhoods without even having to post bail.

Here, let me give you just ONE recent example (there are TONS of them)…

Lee Wilson was arrested a week ago for shooting 14 people in an early morning rampage at a Las Vegas hookah lounge, killing one of them.

This guy’s rap sheet includes 82 PRIOR ARRESTS in Clark County, including 9 FELONY CONVICTIONS. 

“Court documents,” News 3 reported, “show a long history of violence against people and animals (he shot and killed a pet dog named “Precious”). His charges include drug possession, domestic violence, burglary, and more.”

In his last brush with the law, before shooting up the hookah lounge, Wilson was charged with attempted murder after a bar fight in 2018. 

He fled the state and was captured in Utah in 2019. 

Then he took a plea deal on a lesser charge and was back on the streets by February 2021.

Why such a soft sentence for such a hardened criminal?

“Anytime you hear ‘criminal justice reform,’” noted Breitbart News last week, “it means going soft on criminals at the expense of law-abiding citizen safety.”

And who in Nevada is among the most ardent criminal justice reform warriors? Our very own top cop, Democrat Attorney General A.Ron Ford.

Ford, the Associated Press reported from the campaign trail in 2018, “said he also wants to tackle issues like criminal justice reform — an issue he focused on during his six-year tenure in the (state) Senate.”

“I think knowing that we have someone in the attorney general’s office who has unabashedly stated that he is interested in criminal justice reform,” Ford said, “would go a long way to demonstrate to communities of color that a new day has arrived.”

With Ford, it’s always all about race. He’s a race-hustler extraordinaire. Think Al Sharpton. It’s so bad you can’t even say he sees the world in black-and-white. He sees black, period.

”As Attorney General,” Ford declared in a statement to the Nevada Legislature in 2019 after he was elected, “I will bring a renewed focus to what I call the three Cs: consumer protection, civil rights, and criminal justice reform.”

And in case you think he might have gone soft on going soft on criminals after spending some time on the job, Ford declared in a September 2020 interview with Nevada Lawyer magazine that his office “sets the standard for criminal justice reform daily.”

Indeed, to this day his office’s website continues to declare that Ford’s “priority areas include…criminal justice reform.”

And in case there’s any doubt as to what, exactly, this means to him, Ford flat-out stated: “It is clear simply incarcerating people will not keep Nevada safer.”


What planet does this guy live on…where letting violent, career criminals OUT of jail somehow makes Nevada safer?

Unless you don’t think 82 prior arrests make you a career criminal.

If you’re wondering why it seems like they’ve installed a revolving door at the jailhouse, with low-lifes being caught and released to continue their mayhem on society, you can thank Nevada’s top cop, A.Ron Ford.

Wanna REALLY keep Nevada safer?

Start by dumping this soft-on-crime, catch-and-release, hug-a-thugger in this year’s election. Remember in November.

* * * * *

Chuck Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, publisher of Nevada News & Views and blogs at

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