What’s Love got to do with it?

By Mace Yampolsky

What’s Love got to do with it? Love hurts. Try to love again. Endless love. Love me like a man. Whole Lotta Lovin.’ There are thousands of songs about love; they say love is like a razor, it leaves your soul to bleed from the Rose. But I’m talking about Cirque Du Soleil’s show, Love, that pays homage to The Beatles. We went on Saturday night. You don’t need to love the Beatles (like I do) to appreciate the show, but it sure helps.

There is a visual cornucopia of different acts. Trapeze artists, dancers and a weird guy dressed in white carrying what looked like a teapot that was giving off steam. He poured on some guests, including Cindy, with no ill effects. I went with my buddy Howie who loves the Beatles more than I do. He’s seen “Love” about five times. I’ve seen it twice, but Cindy and Pam had not seen it. They play lots of Beatles’ songs, many of the big hits with some notable exceptions. They didn’t play “Let it be,” which is a classic ending song. But they ended with “Love,” how appropriate. Love is all you need.

Sunday, we went to NASCAR, their fans are quite a group. True blue Americans. I even got a Let’s go Brandon cap. Most Jewish guys don’t go to NASCAR (except for the Goldberg 500). Cindy loves it. She knows her NASCAR, it’s like she’s on a first name basis with all the drivers. She has the headset and the binoculars. She is a huge fan. I don’t know if she is a bigger fan than I am of Billy Joel but it’s close.

Regarding the race, first of all we got to walk around the pit which is apparently a big deal. You can meet the drivers. Then there was a concert on the track by Midland, a famous country band, (of course) from Austin. NASCAR is LOUD. You can’t imagine it if you have never gone. Luckily a client of mine had a suite right above the finish line. Apparently, this is a really big deal also. It’s quiet. There was a race team there and we could talk at a normal volume. My ears were happy.

The race itself was really captivating. The outcome was in doubt to the very end. There were crashes, caution flags and the race was extremely exciting. It went to overtime, which also is a big deal. Kyle Busch from Las Vegas was winning with two laps left when the caution flag was thrown. This means that the cars can’t pass anyone and the drivers must stay in the position they were in when the flag came out, until they wave the green flag, then it’s go time! He went to the pit to get two tires changed. I thought it was a mistake with two laps left to go. It was, and he ended up finishing 4th. Alex Bowman won.

Finally in the parking lot, I was hit up to make a donation for disabled veterans and I did, and got a Let’s Go Brandon cap. Fitting.

* * * * *

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