Sunday was National retro day, no-brainer day, and international polar bear day

Sunday was National retro day, no-brainer day, and international polar bear day

By Mace Yampolsky

Remember the good ol’ days. Gas was cheap, housing affordable, and there was no inflation.

Speaking of retro, I saw Billy Joel on Saturday. It was a no-brainer. The piano man was fantastic. He played for two and a half hours. He played many of his hits and some of what he called “album filler.” I knew them all. He couldn’t play all his songs or we would have been there for at least 24 hrs.

He has greatly influenced my piano and harmonica playing since Piano Man came out in the ‘70s

He made some jokes about being old. He doesn’t move well, but he can still sing and play. He sounds just like the record (I know there are no records any more). I don’t know how long he will still be touring so I’m glad I saw him again.

For nearly two-and-a-half hours at Allegiant Stadium, piano man Billy Joel reminded us what it is that keeps us coming back. Although he hasn’t released an album of new, original material in quite some time, his drawing power is as strong as ever and his spectacular performance this past Saturday night proved that he still has it! He took his place at a grand piano situated atop a revolving pedestal at center stage alongside a superb band. He paraded through a variety of hit singles, more lesser-known cuts (played for the diehards, no doubt) and then came another barrage of hits, a whole lot of them in a row that got a feverish response from the now revved-up crowd. He even did Procol Harum’s Whiter Shade of Pale and played Tush by ZZ Top.

He ended the show with a spirited, crowd-pleasing sing-along version of Piano Man. He then played five songs for the encore including, “We didn’t start the Fire,” and “You May Be Right,” and ended the long night with the classic “It’s Still Rock and Roll to me.” He worked the crowd and gave us every bit of our money’s worth throughout the memorable night.

So it was a pretty good crowd for a Saturday, and everyone had a smile because we knew that it was Billy Joel we were coming to see to forget about life for a while… and everyone left feeling all right. 

Speaking of Polar bears, did you know their fur is clear? It’s the reflection of the snow that makes them White.

Do you know what you call it when a bear at the South Pole has rectal problems? Polar ‘roids!

* * * * *

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