2022 Nye County GOP Central Committee held its convention on February 26th

2022 Nye County GOP Central Committee held its convention on February 26th

By Victoria Giampa

Las Vegas Tribune

Hosted by Nye County Republicans, the daylong event, which began last Saturday at the Beatty Community Center in Nevada, featured a wide slate of potential Republican candidates in addition to precinct meetings. Four of the many candidates spoke to constituents in a small town about 115 miles northwest of Las Vegas:

Sharelle Mendenhall for U.S. Senate

“A quick show of hands. How many of you guys are really unhappy with what’s going on in our country? Guess what — it’s our fault! We’ve been standing on the sidelines. We’ve been wanting to play the game, and be nice, and be inclusive. We don’t get to do that anymore. We actually have to start putting together plans and execute them. 

“One of the things that amazes me is as I’ve looked at the different pieces that people are talking about — nobody has plans. So I sat down with a friend of mine and I said, ‘Let’s talk about backing the Blue. What’s going on here? What’s the issue?’ And he said we’re not backfilling these requisites when people are retiring. So when we are talking about needing more bodies, it’s not necessarily we need to add a bunch of more bodies. We need to keep the bodies we have. We need to make sure we’re getting qualified individuals in these positions and keeping our communities safe.

“Second thing: When I took a look at what was happening with our veterans, we hadn’t built out a comprehensive exit plan since 1775. You guys, I have three minutes, so I’m going to make sure that I make this succinct, but we need to make sure that six months before they get out, we’re taking care of it. We do mental health, we get them jobs, and we make sure that they’re successful when they transition into civilian life. So you guys, my name is Sharelle Mendenhall, and I’m here to fight for our country and to mend the nation in the way that I can. Thank you.”

For more information about Sharelle Mendenhall, visit https://www.sharelle4senate.com/ 

For more information about the Nevada State Senate elections, visit https://ballotpedia.org/Nevada_State_Senate_elections,_2022

Mack Miller for Lieutenant Governor

“I was born and raised in Las Vegas — I’m sorry, I’m trying to hold the line — in Las Vegas and Clark County. I’ve been fighting all my life in the school district. I’ve been fighting to take out Dina Titus, volunteering in high school, people like Chuck Muth—some of you don’t know that — when he ran. And throughout the years, I’ve gone to county commission meetings, city council meetings, school board meetings, everything — to no avail, and I found out what we need to do is this — it’s real simple: We need to build our party, build up our conservative base. We need to do what the Democrats do — ‘indoctrination’ is a horrible word – but we need to use what they use, against them. We need to bring in a younger generation — I love to see this; this is what we need to see. No offense to older people, but if we are going to keep this party alive and keep our country free, this is what we need to see.”

“How many of you can name a past lieutenant governor? I thought so. There’s a reason for that. Lieutenant governors get no love; they’re hidden. Most people run for lieutenant governor ‘cause they figure it’s a cushy job… they don’t have to do anything. Well, that might have been right in the past. I promise you: You elect Mack Miller for lieutenant governor and our State will know our lieutenant governor. My most recent incident fighting for you all was at a Clark County commission meeting with a tyrannical group of people — all Democrats, and I was thrown through a metal detector which is the reason I have this cane, and I was there to fight against their overreach, to make ‘statements’ and ‘misinformation’ a crime – a proclamation to make it wrong. Well, we have the First Amendment in this country and I will continue to fight for it. I want you to remember: When they come for you for your First Amendment rights, we have the Second.” 

For more information about Mack Miller, visit https://www.mackmiller4nevada.com/ 

For more information about Nevada lieutenant gubernatorial election, visit https://ballotpedia.org/Nevada_lieutenant_gubernatorial_election,_2022

Sigal Chattah for Nevada Attorney General

“It’s time we keep habitual offenders off our streets. It’s time that we protect the Second Amendment by charging prohibited possessors to the fullest extent of the law. Now, when they don’t prosecute, what happens is our police officers start believing, ‘Well, why am I [being] arrested if DAs aren’t prosecuting?’ And that creates an issue with our law enforcement, so I don’t even have to get into the Defund the Police Movement that we’ve seen because this AG (Aaron D. Ford, D-NV) passed two redundant pieces of legislation that clipped our police officers’ wings, and we cannot have that. Because right now, what we’re seeing is the residual effect of what this AG has done to our state. So, come June, I want you guys to remember me. I want you guys to remember that I will be the hawkish person on the ticket that will ensure that public safety is number one. Thank you.”

For more information about Sigal Chattah, visit https://chattah4nevada.com/ 

For more information on Nevada’s Republican Party Attorney General primary, visit https://ballotpedia.org/Nevada_Attorney_General_election,_2022_(June_14_Republican_primary)

Annie Black for Congressional District 4

“Who am I? I’m a mom: that’s the first most important job in my life. I’m a small business owner. I’m a realtor. It’s been my own business since I graduated high school, and I grew up in Nevada. I spent weekends and nights with my dad and my uncles in the garage around some car, or around some bonfire, talking about politics and business and family and that’s what I grew up [with], and that’s why I became a conservative. 

What have I done? I was censored in the legislature for not wearing a mask, not providing a passport, that’s great. What I did as far as bills are concerned: The first bill I proposed would have immediately terminated the governor’s (Steven Sisolak D-NV) declaration of emergency which we’re still in now — to this day. That bill was killed on delivery by the Democrats. They killed that bill. I brought it back from death, but they still would never debate the bill. That was the biggest most — the biggest bill I’m proud of that I proposed.

Another one would have ended the state’s business license fee. The reason that Governor Sisolak was able to shut our businesses down was because they’re beholden to him because he’s the one that holds the keys to the business license. And if you don’t have a business license, you can’t do business. I proposed abolishing the state business license fee. I also proposed some tax and spend initiatives, and I signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge saying that I would vow to not raise any new taxes, which I have kept during the entire legislature; and I’ve signed that I will also do that in Congress as well.

What will I do in Congress? I’m going to keep those same principles. I’m going to fight. I’m going to fight for businesses. I’m going to fight for lower taxes and less spending. I’m not going to change anything that I did; I’m just going to do it on a bigger stage in DC. 

Why should you vote for me? I’m a business owner. Like I said, I grew up in this state. I don’t know how many — a lot of you — or how long many of you have been here, but if you’ve been here for any significant amount of time, you know Nevada — the Nevada that I’ve known and loved my whole life is the land of opportunity. This is a place where anyone can come; they don’t need to be well known or famous; they don’t need to have any connections. They can start a business and they can become wildly successful. My family did it, I’ve done it, and probably many of you have done it. Annie for Nevada.” 

For more information about Annie Black, visit https://anniefornevada.com/ 

For more information about Nevada’s 4th Congressional District, visit 


For more information on voting in Nye County, Nevada, visit https://www.nyecountynv.gov/236/ELECTIONS

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