Pro-crime Democrats need to be exposed and voted out



Pro-crime Democrats need to be exposed and voted out

By Perly Viasmensky

Las Vegas Tribune

Reading the report of the Conservative Underground News about the funeral of New York Police Officer, Jason Rivera, who was ambushed during a domestic violence call, explains to us why so many police officers are retiring or simply quitting. Rivera’s widow, Dominique Luzuriaga, clearly blamed her husband’s death on George Soros and Soros’s backed Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, and many other Democratic prosecutors in the city and around the country. During her husband’s eulogy, Dominique Luzuriaga said: “Although you won’t be here anymore, I want you to live through me… I know you are tired of these laws, especially the ones from the new DA. I hope he’s watching you speak through me right now… I hope he’s watching you speak through me right now. I’m sure all of our blue family is tired, too. But I promise… we promise, that your death won’t be in vain.” 

Right here in our own City of Las Vegas we see injustices coming from the judges and prosecutors more concerned with letting criminals walk than protecting law-abiding citizens. The case of Raul Antonio Moran, who was shot to death with a bullet to the back of his head is a good example of such corruption. The judge allowed the murderer to walk away without any consequences because prosecutors didn’t do the job they are paid to perform. Another case of interest, not as drastic as the one of Raul Moran but important nonetheless is a case of a drug pusher who vandalized a local business; he was arrested overnight and the judge allowed him to get out on his own recognizance — a man who has no residency and/or place of employment. The decision of the judge allowed him to return to the same business, break windows, destroy vehicles, steal vehicles’ license plates, and walk away peacefully.

Nobody can understand the reason for stealing license plates because the man doesn’t even own a bicycle, unless it is to sell them to other criminal elements. The report of Conservative Underground News continues: “The country has seen the rise of Soros-funded prosecutors around the country.” These pro-crime policies allow repeat offenders to essentially prowl the streets with impunity. When lesser crimes are openly tolerated; it’s a signal of lawlessness, which leads to bigger crimes occurring. In the minds of radical leftists, they believe going soft on criminals will reform them into solid citizens. But the proof is in the pudding.

Far-left Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner has overseen the two bloodiest years in the city over the past two years. In San Francisco, radical DA Chesa Boudin could be recalled by progressives in the city who are finally fed up with crime. As a result of the George Floyd riots incited and stoked by the Democrat Media Complex, crime rose by 30 percent in 2020, the largest one-year increase in history. The trend has not reversed and the corporate press no longer has the bogeyman of Trump. That’s why Democrats are terrified they will be hit with a red wave in the midterm elections. Pro-crime Democrats backed by Soros needed to be exposed and voted out.

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