Sheriff candidate Stan Hyt seeks Libertarian Party endorsement



Sheriff candidate Stan Hyt seeks Libertarian Party endorsement

By Victoria Giampa

Las Vegas Tribune

Photos by Victoria Giampa

On January 28, the Libertarian Party of Clark County, Nevada hosted a meetup at ReBar in downtown Las Vegas on Main Street.

Members discussed the future of the party and like-minded patrons shared their opinions of liberty and social issues while enjoying pizza and beer in the outdoor seating area. Jeffery P. Hurley, Chair, and Adam Haman, Southern Regional Representative of the Libertarian Party hosted the event.

According to the party’s website, it opposes all COVID-19 restrictions and mandates, supports school choice, supports reforms to loosen restrictions on occupational licensing for low-income workers, supports Second Amendment right to bear arms, supports legalization of all drugs, bans civil asset forfeiture, ending no-knock raids, demands accountability and transparency in government in an effort to minimize government waste, and ending public sector unions used primarily for increasing wages and benefits of union members.

Appearing at the event in the race for sheriff was Stan Hyt who promoted his platform and answered questions from local voters. One patron said that the Constitution limits federal government, which is its original intention and that it’s been manipulated over the course of 250 years now at every turn by those who are in power. Hyt replied: I’m sure you’ve heard the quote from Ronald Reagan, “Freedom is just one generation away from extinction. We do not get to inherit freedom… we have to fight for it…every generation.” According to Hyt’s website, he promises to end forced mask or vaccine mandates, will not allow police to close down churches or small businesses, and will protect Second Amendment rights.

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