Make 2022 the year of ‘paying attention’

This may be the beginning of a new year but it is also an election year and we need to take in consideration that it is a very important election year. It is a year where the future of this nation is at risk and we all need to pay attention to how we vote and who we vote for.
This year we cannot afford to vote for our neighbor, our friend, a relative who works for someone who has a friend running for office because we need to save the country from its enemies who want to turn the country into something that is not what this country is all about.
The American people and others who enjoy the values and gifts given to all of us, who are able to enjoy the freedom and liberty that made this country the best country of them all, have to know that it is not time to take the risk of making any mistake when voting.
In our editorial of December 29 of last year we mentioned some of the things we see wrong within the city and the county, but the city and the county are not the ones who made all the mistakes.
Businesses who offer their services in the community are sometimes as at fault as the government officials are. They want to cut as many corners as they can to make more profit and look good in front of the Board of Directors or even their immediate superiors.
Those businesses need to realize that if they do not have customers they will be out of business, so with that being said, it is our belief that they need to start giving their customers a little more respect.
We, as part of this community and as a newspaper, believe it is our duty to open the eyes of those who live here and keep them informed of the good, the bad and the ugly of what is going on in our community.
It is time for the Las Vegas Tribune to wake up the community and make the community realize that it is not all the elected officials, their staff and select privileged appointees in the system’s fault. It is
time for the voters, the constituents and the residents to take the issues by the hand, start holding officials responsible for their actions, and start making them earn their salaries.
Perhaps we should ask why the Health Department allows people to sell food on the corners of our city without proper licensing, insurance, health cards or running water as they require of restaurants that
apply to do business — to say nothing of all the other requirements forced on those in business, such as rent for their location, power, gas and such.
There is no reason for the call centers for local businesses to have to be in another state and many of them in another country.
We believe that there is enough manpower in our community to open not one, but several call centers and with that the unemployment will be reduced to almost nothing.
Take for example the daily newspaper, a millionaire and, according to their bragging, a powerful establishment, there is no need for them to have the subscription and the circulation department in another state, one next door to us but another state nonetheless.
The daily newspaper could partner with the county and the city and open a local call center where local people can work and diminish the unemployment line that is very long.
They could even bring T-Mobile and other telecommunication businesses into Las Vegas and help the economy of our state.
However, we do believe that we should emphasize even more this coming year what those elected officials, government employees and staff are doing, or what they are not doing, and even why they are not doing
things when they are supposed to be doing them.
We need to refresh the memory of state, county and city employees, we do not even refer to department heads or field supervisors, just simple employees that it is our duty to ask questions and they should
not take it so personal when we ask questions.
Why the Las Vegas Boulevard street repair from Sahara Avenue to Bonneville St. is taking so long? We believe that two years is too long to repair a couple of blocks of Las Vegas Boulevard.
On some occasions they finish the work and then immediately start breaking the street down again. It will be interesting to find out who is making a profit out of that few blocks.
There are businesses like motels, tattoo parlors, coffee shops, in fact there was a big restaurant, that was forced to close because of repairs.
It is our duty to ask questions and that is what we are going to do in this coming year.

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