Little caucus that couldn’t still can’t

By Chuck Muth
Of the six “leaders” of the Nevada Assembly Republican Caucus, none are likely to return next session… which is actually GREAT news.
Minority Leader Robin Titus, Assistant Minority Co-Leader Tom Roberts, Minority Whip Glen Leavitt and Assistant Whip Lisa Krasner are running for other offices.
Assistant Minority Co-Leader Jill Tolles is quitting outright and Assistant Minority Whip Greg Hafen is in serious danger of losing his GOP primary against conservative challenger Melissa Blundo (disclaimer, one of my clients).
It is INSANE for Titus, Roberts, Leavitt, Krasner and Tolles to be desperately hanging onto their leadership positions for this election cycle. They ain’t goin’ back. They should all resign and turn their duties over to these other caucus members…
—John Ellison: Minority Leader (he’s termed out but SHOULD have been Leader last session if the RINOs hadn’t been in charge)
—Jill Dickman: Assistant Minority Leader
—Richard McArthur: Assistant Minority Leader
—Alexis Hansen: Minority Whip
—Heidi Kasama: Assistant Minority Whip
Of the other possibly-returning incumbents, Hafen is spineless, Melissa Hardy is a RINO (Republican in Name Only) and P.K. O’Neill still hasn’t apologized for voting for the largest tax hike in Nevada history back in 2015. So keep them out of any leadership positions.
I’m also hearing the caucus’ incompetent staff director has quit to start his own “consulting” firm (so he can blow races other than Assembly races) and has been replaced by another incompetent political operative who reportedly used to work for Leavitt during the session. Stuck. On. Stupid.
On a similar but unrelated note…
Gubernatorial candidate Michele Fiore also serves as the Nevada Republican National Committeewoman. This is an obvious fundraising conflict, as fundraising is the main job of the committeewoman.
In the opinion of this “keyboard warrior,” she should step down at the Nevada GOP meeting later this month and let someone else take over the job who will actually put some time and effort into it.
* * * * *
Chuck Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, publisher of Nevada News & Views and blogs at

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