The Red Bunny Society

By J. Petty Meddler
Special to the Las Vegas Tribune
Clark County Republicans have been split into several factions that remind me more of the movie Gangs of New York than a political party.
Dead Rabbits, The Forty Thieves, and The Daybreak Boys — each gang named after their criminal specialty, but all sharing the same shit hole ghetto called, “The Five Points.” In Clark County we have the RINOs, the Zoom Club, and now the Red Bunny Society, all purportedly in the same party but named after their specific method of creating division, conflict, and chaos.
In the same way Sheriff Joseph Lombardo can be credited with turning the state blue by giving Herr Sisolak a million dollars worth of free media face time, Brittany Sheehan, (a near-homeless, unemployed stripper, and part-time mother)  split the Clark County Republican Party. If we were in the Five Points in New York, Brittany Sheehan would have been a Turtle Dove.
The powerful undercurrents of politics has always been driven by the desire for power and sex. If you can’t get sex, get power and money.
Like many celebrities are driven to fame by emotional insecurities of being too short (Tom Cruise, Prince, Kevin Hart, David Spade, and Al Pacino), many people that seek for power are also driven by deep insecurities and inadequacies. The political world is no different.
People who were bullied generally become bullies themselves. And people who have been controlled by men most of their lives generally wind up control freaks with the men they date. This is Brittany Sheehan. In her own words, she once said to a friend that “every man” she knows has tried to control her. It’s hard not to see things that way when you live your entire life on charity. You ask people for help on rent, bills, and legal expenses and then accuse the people helping her of trying to control her. It’s a vicious cycle that makes one wonder if the schizophrenic apple didn’t fall too far from the crazy tree.
So how does a young woman with an insatiable drive for not being controlled end up fracking and nearly destroying the entire Clark County Republican Party?

Brittany Sheehan

As usual, the story starts with sex, drugs, and an off pitch performance of the National Anthem. At the time leadership in the Clark County Republican Party was about to “age out,” Brittany Sheehan and Jesse Law were an item. Their relationship was wrought with bitter conflict over whose insecurity took the greatest precedent. Brittany’s need to be in control of the men in her life and Jesse’s constant need for cuddling and breast milk.
The quest for being “in control” always morphs like an endless COVID variant into a quest for power. For Brittany, that quest sat like a blood-sucking tick on the coattails of her warm-blooded host, Jesse Law. It should be known ahead of time that Brittany Sheehan is a self-described Libertarian, Anarchist. She does not consider herself a Conservative Republican. In her world, the host didn’t matter. Mice and rats are both rodents and would provide adequate sustenance to feed her thirst for control. Controlling a man wasn’t going to be enough to feed her insecurity. Only controlling a man with power would do. The highest she could reach on this never ending quest for control was to prey on the front-runner for chairman of the nearly-dead, Elvis-era nursing home known as the Clark County Republican Party. Jesse Law would have to do.
Brittany was willing to work to achieve the vicarious power she would later seize from the pussy-whipped, beta-male poster boy, Jesse Law. She played a critical support role in Jesse Law suing the Clark County Republican Party. She sacrificed herself as a Plaintiff for a cause she didn’t even believe in. In response to this suit, candidate for the chairmanship of the CCRP, Senator Carrie Buck, used a move right out of the Democrat playbook and ran through the streets of Clark County frantically flailing her arms crying, “racism, racism” for Brittany and Jesse’s close association with the Proud Boys.
In the end, Brittany was the only individual that won the lawsuit, while some 30 other plaintiffs (mostly Filipinos) were left out to dry. Had Brittany not been the one individual that emerged victorious from the legal drama, the Clark County Republican Party would never have been fragmented. Without the one plaintiff, the case against the CCRP would have been closed. The petty squabbles and legal battles would have continued, but we wouldn’t have two Republican Parties each acting like Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech.
Brittany Sheehan single-handedly fractionalized the Clark County Republican Party.
I wish the story ended there. Jesse and Brittany’s relationship was hanging on by a thread at the time of the CCRP “election” in late July, 2021. Brittany had now taken to squatting at Jesse’s apartment, refusing to leave and constantly ridiculing him for his fragile dispositions. The fighting was constant. She saw nothing wrong with sending people videos of Jesse throwing temper tantrums on the floor like a 5-year old. But she wasn’t leaving the relationship empty-handed. And she certainly wasn’t going to leave him with the power she had helped him acquire. So, to maintain appearances with Jesse, Brittany attended the CCRP election at Ahern Hotel. She and Jesse both arrived and left the event separately. She didn’t want him to know that she was planning on exiting the relationship that night.
But there was one thing more she had to do to let Jesse know that if she can give power, she can also take it away.
Brittany stole the voter roles from the election that night from Jesse’s box of CCRP papers. The very next day she contacted a friend and political operative asking him to sell the only proof Jesse had that anyone voted that night to — you guessed it — Senator Carrie Buck.
The operative lied to Brittany and told her he would make the play, then sat on it and stalled her long enough for Jesse Law to cleanly take his position as chairman of the Clark County Republican Party.
Brittany constantly demanded to know the status of the sale. She was in dire need of money and she believed she could get $50,000 for the voter roles that would be used turn the CCRP over to Carrie Buck (the woman she fought so hard against while she supported her faux beau, Jesse). As time went by and Jesse took his place as chairman, Brittany began to turn on her friend who had failed to secure her compensation for being in a relationship with Jesse.
Not long after that, Brittany’s personal problems with past relationships began to rear their ugly heads again. Her ex-boyfriend and the father of her child was refusing to return the child after a summer in California.
Next stop… Charity-ville. While it must be terribly frustrating for any mother to have her child kept from her, for Brittany, it was more than that. She was again being “controlled” by a man — and that was never going to happen again.
Brittany became frustrated with the lack of decisive action of the Nevada courts. So she took matters into her own hands and drove to California, took her child from her classroom, and fled the state with the California Highway Patrol in hot pursuit.
Brittany was advised against this move. In fact, she was told that she should pray about it and if she felt peace about it, then to proceed.
If she didn’t feel peace, she should stand down and wait for other options to present themselves. On the morning of her leaving for California, she was asked if she had prayed about it. Her response was, “Yeah, yeah. I’m going to get my daughter.”
She clearly made that decision on her own — and the consequences of that decision rest solely with her.
When she returned to Las Vegas, she immediately went into hiding with her daughter. LVMPD, acting at the behest of California, was actively engaged in finding the woman now wanted for kidnapping, burglary, and concealing a child from a parent.
What she should have done when she attempted to check her child out of school was wait for the police, assert her legal position, and allow the police to sort through what rights she had as a parent and tell the school they had no choice but to allow Brittany to take her child. But she again was not to be controlled by anyone, so she took her child and literally ran.
Brittany immediately raised the social justice flag back home in Nevada and began working her network of Conservatives. She created a crowdfunding account on the Christian platform, GiveSendGo. Friends and reporters within the Conservative community, like, covered her story and helped drive people to donate to her GiveSendGo account.
When Brittany arrived at her court date regarding her custody case, she was immediately taken by US Marshals and booked in the Clark County Detention Center on a fugitive warrant. Through her
Conservative network, a friend was able to get renowned attorney and candidate for the Supreme Court, Ozzie Fumo, to appear on her behalf.
Miraculously, Ozzie was able to convince the judge to release her on bond — a feat few attorneys could ever accomplish.
A close friend, ex-bounty hunter, and political operative, Nephi Khaliki, arranged for her to be bonded out on a $20,000 bond with him signing financial responsibility. California was furious that Nevada had cancelled their Amazon order for 1 Conservative female fugitive and raised her bail from $100,000 to $250,000.
Brittany arrived with a friend in California and, with a new attorney, (bought and paid for by Christian charity), faced the California courts — and was remanded into custody. The California attorney was able to reduce her bail back down to $100,000.
Khaliki was again able to arrange her release within hours of being arrested. He was able to float the payment of the bond premiums while she continued to raise funds through GiveSendGo. Few people can get out of jail on a $100,000 bond — and pay later. She was benefitting from some serious power players coming to her aide.
Within a few weeks of arriving back in Vegas — claiming a victory over the courts by walking free — Brittany had blocked and un-friended several of the people who were instrumental in securing her attorney and her release. She said they weren’t entitled to “control her” just because they helped her.
As time progressed, her financial obligations were mounting and she was going to need $10,000 to pay the rest of her bail and her attorney fees. Her GiveSendGo account was now just a trickle of support and the people who had helped her financially were now tapped out or blocked by her. She was becoming more and more desperate.
She texted her friend Nephi (who had bailed her out in Nevada and California) and told him, “I don’t know how I’m supposed to come up with all this money. Legit might go spend the month at the Bunny Ranch.”
Nephi’s response was, “I really can’t let that happen. You would regret it.” Brittany mentioned the Bunny Ranch on a few more occasions at dinner with Nephi. On Wednesday December 29, Brittany and Nephi were at dinner at Paymon’s Hookah Lounge. During dinner, Brittany announced to Nephi that she had “made the call” to the Bunny Ranch to start working. His immediate reply was to remind her that she was in the middle of a custody battle and this was, at a minimum, a poor strategy for winning that case in a state that doesn’t have a vernacular for “legal” prostitution.
“You think you can control me because you bailed me out,” she snarled.
Nephi responded by telling her that if she did pursue this avenue, he would “fill up her entire schedule” with the most disgusting, unattractive people, including registered sex offenders, and Democrats “to stop you from doing this.”
Having blocked Nephi from her Facebook, Brittany took to the internet and wrote that Nephi had solicited her for prostitution.
In a few hours, Brittany lost access to her Facebook account. Information correcting her false accusations began to appear on her page. Brittany immediately took to her text messaging to say that Nephi had hacked her account and other people began posting this,
claiming Federal crimes had been committed and calling for Nephi’s arrest.
In both cases, Brittany presented only half of the information. In the conversation at Paymon’s, Brittany left out the fact that she had just announced she was going to work as a prostitute to pay her bills. In regards to the “hacking,” she also conveniently left out the fact that she had given Nephi all of her passwords as she was likely going to be in jail and unable to take care of certain things online. She had also placed Nephi in charge of managing the funds from her GiveSendGo account.
Brittany was able to regain control over her Facebook account, but the information posted on her account had already shed a true light on the situation. Her queen had been brutally checked by a Nephi’s rook and she was forced to admit that she was in fact considering working at the Bunny Ranch to “do what she had to” to pay her bills.
Brittany had lost control again — and she was blind with rage. In the same predictable and tired fashion as she had done stealing the voter roles for the CCRP, Brittany took to slander to try and damage some of the deep political relationships Nephi has with many of the key players in Nevada.
In a very suspicious email sent to both Brittany and Nephi, the writer stated: “A cease fire across the board is being proposed. This is a formal request from a mutual interest, JL.”
Brittany immediately took the internet again and boldly asserted that “JL” meant “John Lee,” and the Mayor of North Las Vegas was blackmailing her. John Lee is actually a close and personal friend and ally of Nephi Khaliki. Brittany knows that hurting John Lee — the leading contender for the governor’s seat — would hurt Nephi. She cared nothing for how this would hurt the Party or the State. She just wanted to punish the people who she believed were trying to control her.
The truth is, she was just way out of her league with all of it. While some speculate that Brittany created the email herself to hurt Nephi by accusing his close friend, John Lee, this writer has a
different theory.
While the initials “JL” could just as easily be Joe Lombardo, Jennifer Lopez, or Jerry Lewis, I’m betting on Jesse Law coding a message to Brittany and Nephi to stall the drama — he wouldn’t want anyone to find out that the induced battle with the CCRP was nothing more than a ploy by Michael McDonald to seize control of the CCRP and force
Lombardo into a losing race with Sisolak.
And that’s the story of how the Red Bunny Society was born.

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