Death does not dictate sainthood

After reading the Las Vegas daily, former Republican Las Vegas Review Journal, on Wednesday December 29th of 2021 many jumps in their car and went to church to pray that when they die there is no one else more important, more powerful or wealthier than them who die the same day as me so the spotlight focus on no one else.
We have to admit that we were not too much of a fan of the late County Commissioner Chairwoman Mirna Williams but not because she was a Democrat but because our friend Tony Badillo was always running for the position that Mirna Williams has held for a very long time.
It never was about a D or an R after their name, it was never about who likes me or who does not like me; the Las Vegas Tribune endorsed Chris Giuliani and Chris Giunguliani never like Las Vegas Tribune or our founder for that matter; We stop liking her and the newspaper stop endorsing her when we realize that she was “too socialist for our taste”.
The same did happen to us with the former Chairman of the County Commission before he became the dictator of the state of Nevada ruling with a left hand instead of doing it with both hands so it can be a little even for both parties and in turn for the whole community as it should be.
Last week the former Republican daily newspaper made a splash with a full newspaper page with the picture of Harry Reid while the County Commissioner Chairwoman Mirna Williams got a small note in one lower corner of the page.
The same newspaper splashes another picture of Harry Reid in the editorial page making sure that the already retiree keep the image of the man who made many political careers possible to continue spreading the Democrat “wealth and lies” poison our community.
Mirna Williams was in the political scene of our community way before anyone else and may have done more for Clark County than anyone else but Mirna Williams did it for everyone alike and not for those who could “multiply” the political connections, the name recognition and other benefits that are usable in life.
Everyone talk about the good things that the “decease” may have (direct or indirect) done, but no one dare to speak the truth, for fear at the political power that we have experience better than anyone.
In August 1979, several individuals were convicted by a Detroit Federal Jury of conspiring to allow hidden owners to exert control over the Aladdin Hotel, a resort  in Las Vegas, and the Nevada Gaming Commission then, several weeks later, closed the casino operation at the Aladdin.
Everyone is aware that most casino employees live day to day but eight weeks before Christmas, the Gaming Control Board ordered the Aladdin closed, without any regards for the Christmas of the hotel employees and their families. The Chairman of the Gaming Control Board at that time (from 1976 to 1981) was no other than the Almighty Harry Mason Reid the same Harry Mason Reid who close the Aladdin Hotel without any concern for the Christmas of the eighteen hundred employees of the Aladdin Hotel, the same Harry Mason Reid who close the Aladdin Hotel without any concern for the future of every employee of that hotel.
Most recently the seven county commissioners voted to rename the Las Vegas International Airport with the name of Harry Reid, almost three hours of people speaking to the county commissioners that already have made their mind to vote YES regardless of how many constituents agree or disagree with the name change.
Many people waited in the long line to speak against or in favor of the name change but the dictatorial county commission had already made its mind and they “approve” the name change “to please the constituents that were there for more than two hours to exercise their right to express their opinions”. Mirna Williams advocated for women, the homeless and the poor during more than two decades in state and local politics, has died, she was a dedicated public servant that never turn her back to anyone in need of help regardless of who they were and what political party they belong to without waiting for anything in return, Mirna Williams never hold
anyone responsible for any favor or contribution she has given to
their life.
Ironically none of the seven county commissioners who promoted and forced the name change of the Las Vegas Airport has been able to donate a dime to the change that no one else voted for or wanted to.
Their wishes were ignored by all the blinded county commissioners.

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