It’s time to think about all that…

With our last edition of the year 2021, we are not going to start with the same routinely false promises that every other publication writes every year, and then later does the opposite as conveniently benefits them.
We are here to remind you all that we are not changing anything; we are going to be here to remind the public officials, the elected officials and all government employees, including all the so-called government representatives, that the people of this great city deserve a little more respect and recognition than they are getting for allowing all of you the opportunity to serve this community.
From now on, we, at the Las Vegas Tribune, will make ourselves even more of a watchdog; we have no intention of making any of these so-called public officials responsible for anything wrong they may have done or will do; we are just going to open the eyes of the citizens of our community and stop all the hypocrisy — regardless of who the hypocrites are.
Most of the people in this community are tired of seeing the city turning into a city of beggars and a city of crybabies asking for help all the time for some reason or for no reason at all.
Everywhere we go we see people sleeping on the sidewalks; we see people pushing grocery carts with no groceries, but with cans, clothes, old blankets and leftovers of all types and all kinds.
In front of the courthouse, by city hall, near the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Headquarters — and the most noticeable of all, several miles of North Las Vegas Boulevard, where every homeless person gathers to embarrass all the elected officials that are too busy bragging about how good they are and how much they are doing to bother being embarrassed. Apparently only the city residents are embarrassed by how their city has become a human dump, thanks to the people they have chosen and elected to work for and represent
We are not going to be gracious anymore; we are not going to be polite with those Public Information Officers who are hired to protect the image of those who pay their salaries; they are there to cover and protect the image of the institution they represent, whatever that is — not to inform or educate the community — to protect the image of those who make mistakes, intentionally or not, and are not ever willing to man up and accept responsibility.
Let’s not kid ourselves — the city is not the limit; Las Vegas Boulevard South of Sahara Avenue is getting to be another black eye to
the county officials, elected or not.
If the late Forrest Duke and his “Las Vegas, the Best City of Them All,” and the late Joe Delaney, one of the brave fighters in our small
and very distinguished group of journalist representatives, were able to see today the city they so much loved, they would be not only
embarrassed, but ashamed.
It is up to the citizens of Las Vegas; it is up to the citizens of Clark County — it is no longer up to those inept public officials and their lazy staff walking around their offices, sometimes as arrogant as their bosses, like they are God’s gift to the world — to fix the system that is not working and make themselves proud of their community again.
It is time for the Las Vegas Tribune to start opening the eyes of the community and make the community realize that it is not all the elected officials, their staff and select privileged appointees in the system’s fault; it is time for the voters, the constituents and the residents to take the issues by the hand and start holding officials responsible for their actions; start making them earn their salary.
How can the American people take their country back when they cannot even take their local governments back? If there is a need to take the
country back, the solution has to start by the taking of the county and the city back first.
Let’s start with an open government, no more secrets; let’s all see the books, let’s see where all their money goes and how the money is spent; is there anything wrong with that?
Because we are in the gambling capital of the world, we are using gaming as an example: we never heard of a casino manager denying the
casino owner access to the books, or the hotel manager denying the owner’s access to the reservation orders, or the food and beverage manager denying access to the balance sheets of how the profit or loss got to be how it got to be; so how is it that the citizens’ employees are denying them the right to see the books of their own city? Think about it.

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