“The “BurlesQ Show” has it all!” By Sandy Zimmerman




I was invited to review the “BurlesQ” show’s One Year anniversary and after party (Alexis Park Hotel).  The BurlesQ show offers so much variety it’s like seeing several shows packed into one!

It’s great to see one of Las Vegas’ new shows that opened during the time of all of the Covid restrictions have now succeeded and even won the “Best of Vegas” award.

One important reason that “BurlesQ” succeeded was their multi-talented and versatile cast! Many members of the cast have appeared in Las Vegas previously and are favorites.


“BurlesQ” producer Cari Beyers, former showgirl in one of the longest-running live shows in the US (11 years) – extravaganza Les Folies Bergere (Tropicana) brings showgirls back to the stage. With Beyers’ personal knowledge and experience, she knows the importance of including show girls in her production, and also owns Premiere Showgirls with ladies who have appeared in “Jubilee”, “Vegas: The Show”, “Sin City Comedy”, “Zumanity”, “Peep Show”, “PinUp”, “Crazy Girls” and more.


(The Folies Bergère was a cabaret music hall, located at 32 Rue Richer in the 9th Arrondissement, in Paris, France, on September 13, 2019.)

Beyers’ extensive experience as a dancer, showgirl, model, choreographer and costume designer adds to the exciting “BurlesQ” show! You’ll see burlesque as never before, a real old-fashioned tribute to early Las Vegas with all of those beautiful traditional feathers and jewelry.


I remember the production show Jubilee (Ballys) brought me backstage to demonstrate how heavy the showgirls’ caps sets were as they had to use a lift to take it up or down on the showgirl’s heads.

With such a big cast you will see several completely different acts with a great mix of fun, comedy, music, dancing, and some specialty acts that thrill you as they flirt with danger. This is just what you want to be surprised and amazed!


Watch some of the sexiest burlesque dances by these curvaceous beauties, as they tantalize you with every move!

Their after-party celebration was the perfect place to meet and speak to the talented cast.

Sandy Zimmerman:  Sandy was Director of Promotions,
Director of PR, and Director of Marketing for “Flashdance Fever”,
“Cotton Club on Parade, “Women of Comedy”, “Men of Paradise”,
and many other early live Las Vegas shows.

As an award-winning television travel special producer, she
produced travel specials around the world- Beijing and on the
Yangtze River Cruise in China, in addition to travel specials
in Italy and other countries as well as documentaries for
Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion Canyon National Park,
the Grand Canyon North Rim National Park, a real
Cattle Drive similar to the early westerns in Reno, Nevada,
and destinations in the US.

Sandy Zimmerman has appeared in Las Vegas as TV host/producer for 25 years, appeared in the first live TV show with a live audience at the Continental Hotel, won an award for a TV Commercial, wrote “Rise of Ned Kelley, the Australian Bushranger/Travel Guides-“Escape to Thailand”/and a book about China.



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