Clark County GOP: The circus that never ends

By Chuck Muth
The rightful and lawful chairman of the Clark County Republican Party is Jesse Law. The party’s Central Committee has said so. The Nevada Republican Party has said so. And the courts have said so.
But Nevada State “Senateperson” Carrie Buck refuses, for some totally unimaginable reason, to accept reality and continues to falsely claim she’s the rightful ringleader of a rogue faction of this dysfunctional organization.
This week Buck got nailed with a new complaint filed with the Secretary of State’s office related to her fundraising activities for the “Legion of Zoom,” as her fake county GOP operation has been nicknamed. Seems she violated the fundraising “Blackout” prohibition during the recent special session of the Legislature when new district lines were drawn.
The complaint alleges Buck solicited $40 tickets to participate in a video-conference hosted on November 13 in the middle of the special session, a clear violation state law. But Buck, a legislator who should know better, claims otherwise.
”Let’s just be clear,” she told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “This wasn’t a fundraiser event. This was bacon and eggs, and this is just another frivolous attack. This will be known as Bacon-and-Eggs-gate.”
Um, no. If you’re a state legislator and you’re asking people to donate $40 to join an event for the organization you claim to be the head of during the Blackout period, whether bacon-and-eggs are served or not, that’s called “fundraising.” And it’s against the law.
It was dumb for Buck to even pursue the county GOP chairmanship as a sitting state senator in a swing district.
It was even dumber not to drop out before the election when it became clear the whole thing was a giant fuster-cluck.
Dumber still not to run from this mess like a scalded dog after the botched election back in June.
And absolutely insane to keep this charade up even after losing multiple times in court.
Political suicide has a new name: Hari-Carrie. It’s really very sad.
* * * * *
Chuck Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, publisher of Nevada News & Views and blogs at

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