Las Vegas deserves a good mayor — choose carefully!

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune
Rumors that controversial city councilwoman Victoria Seaman plans to run for mayor of Las Vegas has been called to the attention of the editorial department of the Las Vegas Tribune causing a laugh as any joke on Saturday Night Live might because Seaman’s political career has been a laughing matter since she started playing musical chairs with our political scene in the state assembly.
The political game that Seaman likes to play may affect not only the city residents, but the entire state population because as the Las Vegas Tribune founder had said many times, “She doesn’t care about anyone else but Victoria Seaman”; “She, her campaign manager, and her husband who claims to be a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) undercover agent, may have teamed up to make her a political success even if she is not.
Seaman may be turning in her seat when she sees her former friend running for governor of Nevada while she is still stuck in the city council seat that she won by a simple miracle. Before her run for city council, she ran twice for the Nevada Assembly.
In the first run for the Nevada Assembly, she lost; then the second time around she won, but two weeks after winning she planned her run for the Nevada Senate. When she lost that, she decided to run for the city council. It is the belief of this newspaper that Victoria Seaman is only interested in the future and the success of Victoria Seaman and no one else.
Three years ago, on December 14, 2018, the Las Vegas Tribune Editorial wrote this about City Hall: “It cost the people of Las Vegas big time to lose the best councilman they ever had, city councilman Bob Beers when he lost his election bid. It cost the publisher and owner of this newspaper to be expelled from the Las Vegas City Hall and be escorted out of the council chambers by city marshals like a regular criminal; but now, after eighteen months, they want to recall Councilman Steve Seroka, the man that the Las Vegas Tribune has discovered to be a
corrupt public official.”
The recall was filed by one-time Assemblywoman Victoria Seaman who has been trying to get back into collecting a government check since she was ousted from the Nevada Assembly two years ago. Seaman wanted to
run for Congress in the last election but was conned out of the race by the Danny Tarkanian clan and now has resurfaced to do what she does best — interrupt the system. In a telephone conversation with the Las Vegas Tribune’s founder, Rolando Larraz, he told the newspaper that “as long as I am at the helm of the Las Vegas Tribune, I will do my best to open the eyes of my readers about Victoria Seaman, even if I have to go to the extreme of endorsing Councilman Cedric Crear, another Michelle Fiore foe.”
Larraz has always had a good word to say about city councilwoman Michelle Fiore; even when she stopped communicating with him at the petition of Victoria Seaman, he always had a good word about Fiore, whom he calls a friend.
Larraz is not known for changing his “favorite” public official too often; he has maintained that Michelle Fiore, Stavros Anthony, and Bob Beers were his city officials and that has not changed even when they may have been told not to speak to the Las Vegas Tribune.
The newspaper that Larraz founded twenty-three years ago still uses the same policy that he created the first day he changed the name of the Las Vegas Times to the Las Vegas Tribune when someone tried to use the Times for personal benefit and profit.
Former City of Las Vegas Mayor, Ron Lurie, after learning of the reasons for the change of the newspaper’s name, congratulated the publisher of the new Las Vegas Tribune and opened a space in which to place the Las Vegas Tribune’s copies in the casino he managed until he died.
The Las Vegas Tribune has been a controversial and sometimes daring newspaper but always fair in its assessment because all the newspaper wants is the best for the city of Las Vegas.
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