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Another drama coming out of Family Court

By Rolando Larraz/Las Vegas Tribune
We have learned of the articles that Jennifer Van Laar has been writing about the injustices that a single mother of a six-year-old girl has been suffering at the hands of Family Court in both California as well as Nevada, and of a California Sheriff’s Department detective whose interest in the case has yet to be explained, per Chuck Muth’s front-page article in last week’s Las Vegas Tribune.
It is not explicable for what happened to a young mother whose only crime has been that she had fought furiously to bring her little girl back home and nothing else.
After reading both Jennifer Laar and Chuck Muth’s articles, the Las Vegas Tribune put a finger on it and also wrote a short article titled “Justice Not For All” and that is when we learned that Brittany Sheehan has some Cuban blood in her on her mother’s side and maybe that could be where the interest of the California Sheriff’s
detective, the judicial systems in both California and Nevada Family Court, and the prosecutor’s office in both states all come into play.
It has been my opinion for a very long time that prosecutors are very much controlled by those with a badge and a gun and then the prosecutors manage to control the judges and every time I see that, it’s what can very easily be called injustice for all.
However, one of the most logical questions could be, what does a detective do getting involved in a family dispute?
We have learned that the father of Brittany Sheehan’s daughter has an extensive criminal record, and outside the California courtroom the detective and the father of the little girl were seen involved in a conversation and it begs the question of why the detective is talking to one of the parties involved in a family dispute and if that is the
reason that the law has been on only one side of the scale.
“It’s becoming increasingly clear that the criminal charges of kidnapping and burglary against Brittany Sheehan we first reported on in November are part of a custody case masquerading as a criminal trial — a custody case in which one party doesn’t have to pay any legal fees.” Jennifer Van Laar wrote on the article that appeared last
November on the RedState.Org and after reading it several times we concluded that Ms. Van Laar is right and we decided to jump on the bandwagon to help Brittany Sheehan both clear her name and get her daughter back.
Since the story first came out, Sheehan was ordered to appear for an evidentiary/jurisdiction hearing in the Nevada custody case she filed in August 2021, despite the fact that the judge found on October 20 that Nevada had jurisdiction and the California judge declined jurisdiction.
We are looking to help Sheehan as much as possible so she can get the justice that she deserves. That is why we are limiting our information until she gets out of the California Justice System and we can speak to her freely due to the fact that we all know how the telephones in the jails work.

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