What’s in a name? Nothing!

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune
Brian Greenspun, the owner of the Pravda of Henderson (AKA the Las  Vegas Sun) wrote last Sunday, we assume, an editorial referring to the name change for the Las Vegas Airport but ironically we have not found any donation under the name of Brian and Myra Greenspun or Mr. and Mrs. Brian Greenspun, Greenspun Family, or Greenspun Media Group to help with the seven million dollars that it will take to change the Las Vegas Airport’s name.
All these big shots names, the ones of those who claim to be loyal to Harry Reid, to be grateful to Harry Reid, who owe their positions and wealth to Harry Reid, are not on the list of donors to change the airport name to Harry Reid’s name like he is a God or something when he is as corrupt and racist as Senator McCarran was.
Brian Greenspun asked last Sunday “What’s in a name?” and he is right; what is in a name? NOTHING. Los Angeles International Airport, Burbank Airport, Miami International Airport, Tampa International Airport, St.
Petersburg — Clearwater International Airport and Sarasota — Bradenton International Airport.
Every so often we find airports with some personality’s name but most every time the airport is named after that person who is already dead. Ronald Reagan Airport in New York and John Wayne Airport in Orange County are two of them.
Can someone imagine naming an airport after Bill Clinton, even without (the painting of) the red dress in the Jeffrey Epstein home? If we forget about the red dress in the Jeffrey Epstein home and only use the Monica Lewinsky stained dress to announce the name of the airport, will it be tasteful enough?
I have some friends that owned a casino in Las Vegas and when the casino was closed a few weeks before Christmas, articles in a local newspaper criticizing the fact that the Gaming Control under Chairman Harry Reid closed the casino so close to Christmas leaving the employees out in the cold.
Most employees in Las Vegas live day to day so closing a casino a few weeks before Christmas was a very crude thing to do, but Harry Reid could care less about the employees and their family’s Christmas fiasco.
On November 9, 2018, I wrote a column about Brian Greenspun when he criticized President Donald Trump by questioning his morals and his integrity; the article was titled, “You make me sick, Brian Greenspun”
and part of the article told how I felt about his position even though I’ve known Brian Greenspun for a very long time and he is the son of someone I respected and admired since I met him.
“Come on, Brian, in all the years I’ve known you, you had me fooled by making me believe that you cared for Las Vegas and Nevada as much as your late father did; but accusing the president of being involved in the actions of an anti-Semitic monster is not only careless, but libel at best.”
“Usually, presidents have such a strong moral center that the nation feels inspired to follow their lead, but this one is so malformed and misanthropic that Americans have to call on him to simply act like a human,” the full-page editorial continued in last Sunday’s eight-page insert in the Las Vegas daily.
“Brian! Brian! Brian! How can you talk about ‘such a strong moral center’ when you had a guest in your home, where your wife and your children live, and he’s the most immoral human being in the nation? Is that why you made the transition of moving from Bonita Street to your palace in Henderson so you could be the West Coast White House for the Clintons?
“Your father has been my journalistic hero since I arrived in Las Vegas sixty years ago, and either I am a complete fool or I am infatuated with the memory of your father, but I believe that he would be very disappointed in you if he could see your actions now.
“I believe your father was a fighter for the right cause — and either he was a very good actor or a very passionate man. I still have in my mind his defense for the Honorable Harry Claiborne and I still can see your father, a wealthy, popular newspaperman, owner of the most powerful newspaper of that era, on Fremont Street giving his newspaper out to passersby with the Judge Claiborne story on the front page so everyone could read about the feds miscarriage of justice.
“One good thing came out of all your lies, word games and misconstruction of facts — and now it’s my time to lie to my readers — I am glad you are feeling sorry for all the members of the immigrant caravan and are opening your Henderson palace to house many of them; nothing less could be expected from such a generous man as you.
“I have no idea why I defended you when your siblings wanted to shut down the newspaper your father built from scratch until it became the best newspaper in the state. I am sorry you turned out that way. You make me sick, Brian Greenspun!”
Senator McCarran may have been racist toward the Jewish people outside the United States of America, but Harry Reid was a racist with the Hispanic and Black communities inside the United States of America, and let’s not forget those infamous words he used about a former president, a light-skinned African American “with no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one.” Also, there is another Harry Reid statement that most people choose to forget. “If making it easy to be an illegal alien isn’t enough, how about offering a reward to be an
illegal immigrant? No sane country would do that, right?” Reid, a Democrat, asked his peers that on Sept. 20, 1993.
“Guess again. If you break our laws by entering this country without permission and give birth to a child, we reward that child with U.S. citizenship and guarantee full access to all public and social services this society provides — and that’s a lot of services.” That statement was not McCarran speaking, that was Harry Reid.
Welcome to Las Vegas International Airport.

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