Lombardo the wrong choice for governor

Sheriff Joe Lombardo is running for governor of our state and many Nevada citizens are wondering and questioning his motives because up to this election year Joe Lombardo, while Sheriff of Clark County, had a very good relationship that can easily be accepted as a friendship with Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak despite the fact that Lombardo claimed to be a member of the Republican Party.
Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo claims to be a Republican, but he went all the way in every way and at all times against the Republican President named Donald J. Trump, who happened to be a very good president for all Americans.
Sheriff Joe Lombardo would not be running against Governor Steve Sisolak if there were not something beneficial for him and that is a fact; besides Lombardo had not been straight with the people of Clark County.
Sheriff Lombardo lied to the people of Clark County when he claimed that the crime in our city and county is very low and has been the lowest in a long time when that is not true.
We have been reporting all the crimes in Clark County on a daily basis since Sheriff Lombardo made that statement in an interview on Channel 8 several months ago.
Because Channel 8 has been so close to both the administration of former Sheriff Douglas Gillespie and the present administration of Joe Lombardo, we wonder about that statement.
Every day there are reports of shootings on the Las Vegas Strip and even in casino properties, which never happened before.
The disagreement and discomfort of the rank and file, the lack of morale among those who have joined the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department because they want to serve and protect the community where they live and raise their families, where their children attend school is noticeable among the entire uniformed division.
We do not believe that Sheriff Joe Lombardo is running for the Governor spot to go against Governor Steve Sisolak because their
friendship has not diminished since they both started to raise money for the victims of October One or One October, as they baptized that horrendous event that happened on the premises of the Mandaly Bay Hotel and Casino, one of the properties owned by former United States Senator and Majority Leader Harry Reid’s best friend and supporter of the MGM properties.
Out of those losing their life or suffering injuries during the incident only two people were locals, but they (Sisolak and Lombardo)
kept promoting the money collection for the injured and killed concert-goers that night.
Sheriff Lombardo is running his jail like a concentration camp keeping those arrested in a dirty and infested cell from defecation for the first twenty-four hours before they are taken out to be booked into the county jail.
In that cell the recently arrested are not allowed to stand up, they have to remain seated for twenty-four hours before being booked
officially into the Clark County Detention Center.
An officer by the name of Lee seems to be in charge of the  “large toilet” making sure that everyone remains seated and even other
officers seem to be intimidated by this Lee guy.
Sheriff Joe Lombardo is a frustrated elected official that shows his ineptness to run a county and others wonder what makes him think that the voters of Clark County would allow him to run the entire state of Nevada into the toilet as he has done to Clark County.
Lombardo won the election for Sheriff of Clark County for an unknown reason because the entire police department was in favor of Captain Larry Burns being the next Sheriff.
Larry Burns was supported or endorsed by former Democratic Clark County Sheriff Jerry Keller, by former Nevada Attorney General and now U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, by former Republican Clark County Assistant Sheriff and 2014 candidate Ted Moody, Republican Clark County Sheriff Bill Young and outgoing Republican Clark County Sheriff Douglas Gillespie.
The outgoing Republican Clark County Sheriff Douglas Gillespie’s endorsement has not been confirmed because as a rule in Clark County the outgoing Sheriff always either names or supports his successor, but what is a sure thing is that the rank and file and even former police officers, now retired, were all endorsing Captain Larry Burns.
What we can say without hesitation and without being afraid to make a mistake is that not only is Joe Lombardo not the right candidate for governor, but he is not telling the Clark County residents the real reason of his running for governor.
Mark our words and hopefully you won’t vote for Lombardo as our next governor so we won’t have to use those famous last words, WE TOLD YOU SO.

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