Commissioners may have prohibited county employees to speak to anyone at LV Tribune

My Point of View/By Rolando Larraz
A few weeks ago we ran an article about the County Commissioners refusing to donate money for the airport name change after they forced the item to the voters of Clark County. The article was entitled “Commissioners hold onto their wallets for their ‘pet project’ and beg others for money.”
Since that article came out in this newspaper, many people have come to us and confirmed that they were going to donate money, but after reading my article and learning that the same people that pushed for the sale of the airport name change refused to give any money, they backed up on the idea of donating their own money just to kiss their friend’s Harry you-know-what.
Now the County Commissioners may have prohibited the county employees to speak to anyone connected with this publication since that is the way it has been looking the last few days.
I am of the belief that in order to be an entertainer, a politician, or a public servant it is important to learn how to accept criticism and not to take anything too personal — especially when the criticism is not directly to you, but to the person who hired you or the person you take orders from.
Yes, don’t take anything too personal; you are there as a person who covers for someone who is more important than you are.
You may walk around in a K-Mart suit and tennis shoes that are not in style, but you wear them with pride.
Your job may be better than the one you previously had, but we all have the right to better ourselves; it is better now than before when you walked out of the Las Vegas Sun where you peddled news and perhaps have taken verbal abuse from someone who is “lesser” than you but just has more money than you ever had.
By now you must know that I am referring to Erik Pappa, the almighty Director of Communications for the County of Clark.
Once before, I stopped talking to Erik Pappa for having an attitude with me and for a long time I have not spoken to him, but the problem is that others working under Eric Pappa may have the same attitude that he does and on many occasions it is better to deal with Erik directly than some of his underlings.
Last Monday I had a question to be asked the next day during the county commission meeting so I called Erik Pappa to advise me on how to handle the issue while the board is in session. His assistant told me that he was in but “he just took a telephone call,” most likely on his personal cell phone because when she was talking to me she could not transfer any other call. I explained to her that I needed to know about how to handle an item during the board meeting.
Well, today is Tuesday, the county commission board meeting has ended and I haven’t gotten any telephone call from the Communication Director of Clark County and  now I don’t need any advice or help regarding the issue I called about yesterday.
If Erik Pappa is sad and has shed some tears because I told or reminded all seven of his bosses how cheap they can be, it is not my fault. That is the way I see them because that is the way they are.
If Erik Pappa is upset because I told his bosses that they should be ashamed for asking and begging for money to please someone they owe favors to instead of pitching in with their own money, it is not my fault.
Wealthy socialist Tick Segerblom worked on his pet project for several years and it was the first thing he proposed when his pal, former County Commissioner Chris Giunguliani, gave him a seat on the Board.
The seven county commissioners, hiding under their assistants’ skirts and the Clark County Department of Communications, assured the Las Vegas Tribune that no taxpayers’ money would be required for this “noble” gesture.
“I don’t recall them saying that they (the county commissioners) would donate any money,” one county spokesperson told this newspaper.
During the public comment about the name change, one county commissioner publicly expressed his gratitude to Senator Reid by stating that he would never be where he and his family are today if not for the help of Senator Harry Reid.
However, this grateful county commissioner is not willing to open his wallet and donate to the effort of changing the airport’s name.
There is a street in Reno that is named after Senator McCarran, and also one in North Las Vegas, but none in Carson City, the capital of Nevada.
Patrick Anthony McCarran was an American farmer, attorney, judge, and Democratic politician who represented Nevada as good as, or better than, Harry Reid, in the United States Senate from 1933 until 1954.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: or at 702-272-4634.

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