In Las Vegas, justice is not for all

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune
The lead article by Chuck Muth in this week’s Las Vegas Tribune refers to an injustice by the Clark County District Attorney’s Office who is asking for $100,000 bail for a woman who has full custody of her daughter whom she has taken out of a school in California and brought back home to Nevada. This is a story that everybody should read. This is a good example that in Nevada, more specifically in Clark County, justice is not for all.
A domestic violence survivor and young mother of a 6-year-old daughter of whom she has legal custody, could remain behind bars for weeks, or even months because Nevada Family Court System is run by Liberal prosecutors showing “favoritism” only to those they do like.
Back two years ago, Raul Moran, a Las Vegas resident, was shot and killed by a Las Vegas man, Victor Cruz, who had an extensive criminal record. He apparently was a close friend of some detectives in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. An inept Justice of the Peace by the name of Joseph Sciscento, ordered the murderer to “stay away from your victim,” who was already dead.
Later, a Liberal-minded prosecutor at the Clark County District Attorney’s Office requested that the case against Victor Cruz be dismissed. (You read that right, the PROSECUTOR REQUESTED.) In Las Vegas, justice is not for all.
The Clark County Prosecutor, Shannon Clovers-Sanborn, is married to Tate Sanborn, a homicide detective with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Homicide Unit. Coincidentally the Homicide Unit of the LVMPD had the case of Raul Moran while the wife of a homicide detective was in charge of not prosecuting but dismissing an open-and-shut homicide case.
It may be called a coincidence, but in the minds of many people who have knowledge of the case there is doubt. The doubt lies with the homicide detective in the LVMPD being married to the prosecutor of the Victor Cruz case. Is that really a coincidence?
It is important to note, in all fairness, that during a telephone conversation that the Las Vegas Tribune had with District Attorney Steve Wolfson, he assured this writer that he did not know anything about the Raul Moran injustice created by a prosecutor’s loyalty to her homicide detective husband. Wolfson also assured the Las Vegas
Tribune that he did not even know anything about the Raul Moran case.
It is very difficult for Clark County citizens to believe that during the hearing on March 16, 2019, standard bail was set at $20,000 cash or surety and at the status check hearing on filing of the criminal complaint of March 25, the hearing was vacated and defendant was released on his own recognizance with an electronic monitoring device at the medium level as the life of Raul Moran is totally disregarded by the court and authorities.
The name Malachi Ephraim must belong to someone very influential, very prominent, maybe someone very well known to someone very close to the Administration of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department or the
Office of the Clark County District Attorney.
Malachi Ephraim has been part of the judicial system in Clark County as far as 2017 when Clark County District Judge Michael Villani ordered his case vacated without any explanation. On the second week in May, 2021, Malachi Ephraim was jailed at the Clark County Detention Center for Domestic Violence, Fraud, Robbery, Burglary, Failing to Register as a Sex Offender, Assaulting a Police Officer and Failure to Appear; he was scheduled to appear in District Court One before District Court Judge Bita Yager, but the same day Malachi Ephraim’s case was transferred back to an unknown Justice Court and his case was dismissed.
Assaulting a Police Officer should be a serious enough charge, but what about the rest of the cases? Domestic Violence, Fraud, Robbery, Burglary, Failing to Register as a Sex Offender; are they not serious enough to warrant being locked up for a very long time?
Now, regarding his next case in court, he was a “no show” and a warrant was issued for his appearance, instead of getting NO BAIL set as is normally done for the rest of the citizens living in Clark County, Nevada, United States of America with the exception of those citizens caught up in such “coincidental” situations.
The judges in Clark County have been working all along to abolish the Bail Bond Businesses, so why now, all of a sudden, would they set bail for a criminal they have voluntarily let go for unknown reasons?
Because the criminal is Black?
After leaving the Clark County Detention Center, Malachi Ephraim paid a visit to his last victims and broke a window in one of the trucks, broke the lights of another truck and stole the license plate of yet another truck, all caught on camera, but his victims did not file a police report because in all other previous cases the District
Attorney dismissed the cases, so why waste their time? In fact the last time a witness was subpoenaed to testify, the witness did not get paid the few dollars they are supposed to be paid for missing work, and paid for their own parking; on top of that, the rude employees working at the Victims Witness Desk told that witness to “come back
some other time.”
It seems like the office of the Clark County District Attorney is nothing but a decorative figure in the Regional Justice Center and all they do is dismiss cases.
In Clark County Justice is not for all.

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