We, the people of this country, need to define ourselves

We believe that today there are only very few news stations and print publications in this nation that can honestly inform the public of the reality of what is in fact going on in our nation and every one of our states, counties, and cities, and among those television stations we are only aware of two, Fox News and NewsMax, but lately, we are noticing several inconsistent behaviors in these stations.
It is important to realize that we are living today in a very tragic and compromising political oppression and every American citizen needs to see that as a fact, so they can form their own decisions and their own ideas of what they want or like; either they are going to take the right road or the left road because they cannot be in the middle of the road waiting for the winning side because that is not what this nation deserves.
We need to be either with the United States of America or against the United States of America, but we cannot be in the middle of the road and then literally (and loosely) use the word WE because “we” also live in this great nation, work in this nation, and expect to die in this great nation.
We believe in loyalty and honesty, we believe in being on one side or the other, but we do not believe that being in the middle is the right thing or a good decision to make. We believe in democracy, we believe in capitalism, and we believe that those who work for their fortune do not have an obligation to share it with anyone they don’t want to.
Fox News used to be one station that showed a balance and fairness in their editorial guide and their political guidance while the father
and founder of the station was in charge. But later, when his two sons who were educated in Europe came back to the family nest and took over the reins of the station it took a different turn for a while longer than it should have.
The same thing happened here locally with the Las Vegas Sun newspaper that came to be known as The Pravda of Henderson after the brave and well-known founder departed this world. It was easy for the spoiled little children to use the money when the patriarch of the family was not there to protect the interests and the name that he worked so hard to prevail in this state.
The Review-Journal rightfully claimed to be the only daily publication; after all, no one reads the insertion of The Pravda of Henderson, but for being the inheritance of the Republican mayor’s contributor; their pages are full of surprises and today is not the
time to play with surprises and having Steve Sebelius poisoning the minds of many of the newspaper readers that don’t know any better.
Many people may not agree with us, but that is the idea of being in a free country—we can agree to disagree, and we believe that Hank
Greenspun was the best newspaper publisher in the entire state of Nevada; he was brave, he was a fighter and defended his ideas and
beliefs with all he had. For a very long time, a picture of Hank Greenspun was displayed in our front room. We did not always agree
with Hank but admired his way of fighting for what he believed in and respected him for how he went to bat for former Federal Judge Harry Claiborne who was sacrificed for taking control of his courtroom and did not let the federal government dictate orders to him from behind the bench.
Going back to Fox News, it is important that these show hosts stop spending time putting the communist bunch of CNN and MSNBC hosts on the air.
Shows are using CNN and MSNBC pieces to criticize those shows’ hosts; we have seen it take up to five minutes of precious airtime to
criticize these show hosts of the communist stations.
This is not the time to play games with the future of our country; the less these names are used the better the nation will be because many people turning to these shows may not be prepared mentally for these types of shows and may get confused.
Those television hosts with a vast audience need to follow the Las Vegas Tribune pattern: we do not write about the communist party
unless it is to attack them, criticize them, and show their corrupt behavior. We do not give them free air time.
The only way we are going to end communism is by writing or talking about them only in a derogatory way. We at the Las Vegas Tribune are well defined: we are with Trump or without Trump, but never against Trump.

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