Apple sells T-Mobile their lemons

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune
Apple’s famous Apple iPhone 10-11-12 and others are being given to T-Mobile and others’ cell phone stores to resell to their clients, but when the Apple iPhone12 is sold by a reseller and something is wrong, no one wants to take responsibility. T-Mobile blames Apple, and Apple arrogantly plays the ignorant and dumb role with the T-Mobile customer, pretending they do not know what the customer is talking about.
The Apple Store is a chain of retail stores owned and operated by Apple, Inc. The stores sell various Apple Store including Mac personal computers, iPhone smartphones, iPad tablet computers, Apple Watch smartwatches, Apple TV digital media players, software, and both Apple-branded and selected third-party accessories. But after almost ten months of back-and-forth calls and after writing an email to the company CEO who finally entrusts a woman in his office to deal with the bad apple.
The woman either was told by the CEO to “ignore his order” or the woman disrespected or disobeyed her boss’s orders to take care of that customer and her bad apple cellular phone.
The CEO of Apple Inc. is a recluse by the name of Tim Cook, who, after December 31, will no longer be the CEO of the multimillion-dollar company after he retires and enjoys a private life with his husband, but when our story took place, Tim Cook is the big boss and that woman should be giving the respect he deserves by his position.
It is not clear if the woman was waiting for Tim Cook to retire or she just showed a lack of respect for her boss and refused to accommodate the customer that helped to pay her salary by buying not one, but two Apple phones.
Finally, a T-Mobile representative, after ten months of back-and-forth telephone discussion contacted an Apple representative that promised to send a “new?” Apple 12, but the customer would have to take care of
the shipment despite the fact that for ten months she has been aggravated and almost ridiculed by both Apple and T-Mobile.
The T-Mobile customer has been with the company for more than ten years having had ten eight-line telephone lines and two tablets but feels she has been treated like a second-class citizen by getting this
issue solved as soon as it was brought to their attention.
A notable issue in this story is that when the T-Mobile agent made the contact with the Apple agent, he was told that he needs to get off the phone because Apple does not allow communication with three people on
the line and no one noticed that issue until later on when the bank statement was requested by the account holder.
The shipment charge was 29 American dollars and the Apple agent took the payment from the displeased customer, and that is when she was hit with another surprise: “We need to hold $800.00 in case you do not
send the phone back to us in the same envelope we send the new phone” (or whatever they call that new phone).
The next day the bank statement showed a charge of $800.00 from Apple, but that charge was stopped by the cardholder.
That is why the Apple agent did not want to have the T-Mobile agent on the line listening to the conversation.
This is a lesson that we all need to learn and realize that because the company we are doing business with is a multimillion-dollar company it does not mean that the company or those working within it are not all honest and respectable business people.
The lady in this story uses nothing but Apple products, computers, laptops, tablets, and two cell phones, but we hope she learns her lesson on how these unprincipled big millionaires operate; we tell people all the time that after 65 years of living in Las Vegas, we learned that these big casino buildings are not built with their own money, but by the so-called “suckers” who leave their money on the tables; and now we can add that the same thing happens with anything else. Apple did not become a million-dollar enterprise by playing by
the rules.

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