Public Servants not doing their jobs, say constituents

It is very refreshing to see Las Vegas citizens and the only supposed newspaper, the Review-Journal, waking up and doing something for the community, maybe not on the front page, but in the local news section that reported protesters in the private homes of the elected officials that for years have done nothing but laugh at the community, collect a fat check and sooner or later force the community to pay for the airport’s name change to please their masters.
One of the groups protesting in front of County Commissioner Tick Segerblom’s home were holding flags, honking, and talking into a bullhorn chanting, “No mask, No vaxx,” and “Let’s Go, Brandon,” one of the favorite chants of the community that is against the Communist Democrat regime which impairs the nation today.
Poor little big mouth Commissioner Segerblom told the Review-Journal that he was scared of the group. It is unknown if the same group went to different locations or if there were several groups, but another big mouth, School District President, Linda Cavasos, was scared of the protesters “because it was dark outside” and she could not see who was out there maybe with the intention of later — when she is behind the dais of the school district — being attacked by these individuals.
The protest lasted about two hours with each residence picked by the protestors during the evening part of the day.
At least one more county commissioner’s home was targeted; the report, as well as the local media, noted that the home of former Henderson Mayor and now County Commissioner, James Gibson, was also picketed by protesters.
Gibson, Segerblom, and the rest of the other five County Commissioners are now known as the Harry Reid “boys” due to the need they showed to rename the Las Vegas International Airport with his name.
They are all brave big mouths while seated behind the dais of the county commissioners.
We, at the Las Vegas Tribune, are very happy to see that Las Vegas still has some concerned citizens who are willing to use some of their own time to show these unscrupulous politicians that they care for this community.
Maybe now the outside news reporters will start taking some kind of interest in what happens in this community; they report in every city around Las Vegas, but nothing about Las Vegas.
It is time to show these politicians — not only the County Commissioners but many others in office — that they cannot boss around
or mistreat the community any longer; they are the voters that one way or another have placed them in that position and it’s time they were listened to.
It is time that the elected officials and the non-elected public officials learn that they are not in charge, they are not the bosses;
they need to stop walking in the hallways of their respective offices like their poop does not stink because IT DOES STINK!
We would like to congratulate those groups that made time to protest for whatever they see is wrong or goes against the benefit of the community because it is the only way these arrogant politicians and public servants will learn.
They need to realize that this is our city again and again, and if we need to remind them again we will remind those stubborn politicians that they are our servants, and their descriptive title says it best:
“PUBLIC SERVANT.” And if it takes one more election to make things right with those who remain in office, we will try, from our podium, to remind them of that fact at election time.
There is no reason why our city cannot express its comfort or discomfort like any other city does when we have the best city of them all.
It is time that the citizens of this community wake up and take command and control of their city, showing these useless elected
officials who really are in charge. Let’s hope that the protests in front of those two public servants and the Clark County School
District President are an example to all the rest of them.
While we look from the perspective of having the community more involved in the causes that are important to us, we can figure out how to make our city way better than it is now.
It is important that the community be able to control the government offices and the elected officials to be accountable for their actions.
No more abuse by supposedly political tycoons that think that they are God’s gift to the world; no more dictators that do not know how to dictate; no more abuse from those frustrated politicians that are disrespecting the community by not giving the people of Clark County the respect they deserve above all.
Let’s not let the communist government that is now in charge destroy this wonderful country; let’s not make the United States of America another Cuba or Venezuela.

GO Brandon!!!

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