Constituents need to know…

By Sunny Day

During election time the emails box is normally full emails with questions that are both, very interesting and very important as well mas many too stupid for anyone to answer.

But we do not have to worry about that because regardless of how good or how  stupid the questions are the candidates never gets the opportunity to know what the voters like, want or what they concerns are.

Why, you may ask and that is very simple, very rightful questions that the candidate may or may not like to know  what the constituents like, wants  or expect of the candidate.

Many questionnaires are of the better importance but the candidates don’t get to see it because the campaign is more interested in the money part than the issues part and if the person do not “donate”  to the campaign the page cannot be send.

That is something that the candidate should take care of because he, the candidate wants or should want to be aware of what the constituents opinion is.

We have said many times that the campaign workers in many occasions are an obstacle to the candidate because the direct contact  with the candidates make the voters feel more close to the person that they are supporting or the person that after making contact a possible change of opinion could be beneficiary for the candidate.

Is the money is important to the campaign maybe that person that, after meeting and talking to the candidate, has changed his position or his mind will be a better than good donor.

Campaign workers working for a candidate that they may think that the community is better with that candidate should get their mind set that whatever is good for the candidate is better for the community; if they cannot be loyal to the candidate they should go get another candidate because if they are more interested in the money than the candidate they should go to work in a ranch in Parhump.

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