We need to take back the County Commission

It is too much of a coincidence that at election time the Democrats are pushing for redistricting many areas of the community and it is our opinion that this is not a coincidence; it is another Democrat manipulation to control the election and be able to also control the community as they have been doing for a very long time.
Thirty years of Democrats in the Clark County Commission is a good example of what we are trying to explain to our readers; it is time that the Nevada Republicans get a piece of the pie and perhaps they will do a better job than their Democrat counterparts occupying their time on how to better serve the community.
Also, it is time that the Clark County community receives a little respect from their public servants, the elected officials they elected to serve them. There is no time better than now, election time, to put these arrogant County Commissioners in their place and teach them a good lesson by kicking them out of those cushy chairs that the county residents have paid for.
Long before they wasted many hours listening to their constituents opposing the airport name change, they already had decided to
“approve” that motion. They had already bowed to their old master and made a fool out of all those who wasted their time speaking at the Board meeting while they laughed all the way to Harry Reid’s home to celebrate their victory.
It is time for Clark County residents to teach these arrogant commissioners a lesson and take over the Commission Board, if not by a
victory at election time than by any other means. If there is not a brave Republican like Stavros Anthony to recall these corrupt non-elected commissioners, they should, and need to, find another legal recourse.
While all seven county commissioners played power-grabbing, a group of hard-working Hispanics made a fool out of them by operating businesses without a license, laughing at them for running a profitable business and not sharing with them, and parking their big eighteen-wheelers anywhere they please in residential areas where there are children playing, risking their health and maybe even their lives if they get run over by one of those big trucks known as eighteen-wheelers.
It is time for you, as a resident of Clark County, as an American, to take pride in the place where you live, where you are raising your
family, where your children go to school, and clean up those infamous County Commissioners by voting them out of office.
For more than thirty years the Democrats have made a mockery of you and us; only one Republican in thirty years tried and they found a way to get him out. The other county commissioner candidate, Stavros Anthony, put up a good fight, but not good enough so as to avoid the voter scam as it took place in the 2019 election results.
We, at the Las Vegas Tribune, had asked many times what party affiliation the Registrar of Voters is and what party affiliation is
the person who gave him that cushy job, but it has remained a secret…why? What are they hiding?
Republicans should put their money where their mouth is and find responsible candidates to run for county commissioner; candidates that have the knowledge and the community power to win the race. Let’s not find someone that would be an easy target for the Democrats to beat; let’s find someone who is well respected (for a change), who respects their constituents and the rest of the community.
It is understandable that finding a well-known, well-liked Republican can be easy to find, but it may not be easy to get that person elected because the Democrats are very good at playing dirty; but if there is a good Republican that can play the game as good as the Democrats, there will be no problem and the citizens of Clark County will be the winners in that race.
Clark County Commissioners are all typical Democrats, play dirty, play sneaky and play behind doors; some of them are like former president Bill Clinton who played dirty in the oval office with someone sneaky that was not his wife and forgot to close the door.
Other Democrats that the rest of the Democrats were willing to forgive and forget in our Clark County were Ruben Kihuen, and Steve Horford (who did not forget to close the door, but closed his checkbook to his mistress of twenty years, making her blow the whistle on the “honest,” “ethical” Godson of another “ethical,” “honest,” man whose full name will soon appear on the airport). The Democrats don’t want to honor only his last name; they want the whole name and we believe they should add “Mr. Clean.”

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