Criminals have more rights than their victims

By Perly Viasmensky

Detective David Myers: Criminals  have rights too and Samaniego is a criminal

It is difficult to be a parent nowadays. One good example of that is the case of Edgar Samaniego, the guy who shot Metro Officer Shay Mikalonis in front of Circus-Circus Hotel and Casino in June 2020 during the protest for the death of George Floyd in Minnesota.
It is very good to love and protect your children, but parents also need to learn how to educate them and show them how to show respect toward all men and women.
People who knew Edgar Samaniego and his mother knew that he was a gangbanger; proof of it is the tattoo he displays on his face: “702.” This young man was arrogant, overbearing, and disrespectful, but Mommy was always protecting him. If there was any type of incident, she always came out saying, “If you touch him, I will kill you.”
Some Metro officers are also responsible for Officer Mikalonis’s being paralyzed from the neck down and in need of care 24 hours a day. What a shame, because he is a young man and was a much better police officer than many.
Edgar Samaniego was also a thief. Together with a trio of friends, he broke into a downtown business and vandalized the place, taking possession of all its electronic equipment.
Since Metro didn’t have any desire to investigate the robbery, the owners of the place decided to do their own investigation. The detective in charge of the investigation was Detective David Myers.
Myers was told that computers were at an address relatively near the business and coincidentally the address was the one of Edgar
Samaniego’s mother.
And what did Detective Myers say? “We cannot investigate that because criminals have rights also.” Yes, we all have rights, but if Detective Myers would have done his job properly, Edgar Samaniego could have been arrested for robbery and possession of the stolen property, sentenced to maybe two years in prison, or he could have been lucky enough to even have a prosecutor throw in the towel for him and get him probation only.
If Detective Myers had done his job properly, Officer Mikalonis would not be sitting in a wheelchair for life.
Edgar Samaniego just pleaded guilty to all charges against him and will be sentenced in March of 2022. Ironically, George Floyd died on May 25, 2020 and everybody was in a big hurry to sentence Officer Derek Chauvin. He was sentenced to 22 years exactly one year and one month later. Edgar Samaniego destroyed the life of Officer Shay Mikalonis and it’s taking a year and nine months to sentence him, if in fact he will be sentenced in March 2022, even after he already pleaded guilty to all charges.
* * * * *
Taking responsibly for one’s actions is a thing of the past I wonder what young people have in their minds that they no longer think — they believe — that they are in total control of their lives and the lives of everyone else.
I remember the good times of Las Vegas when young people got off from work in the hotels or casinos and got together at 4:00 in the morning for a few drinks. There was no drunk driving and not nearly as many accidents. Today, there is an accident in almost every corner, and they all believe it is “cool” to drink and drive, if not mixing it with any type of drug because they believe they are in total control.
Think for a second of the case of Henry Ruggs, the former Raiders player. This 22-year-old man, making almost $4 million a year, with a great future, in a matter of seconds destroyed his whole life; and not only that, he will have to carry in his thoughts and memory for the rest of his life the image of Tina Tintor, the young girl who lost her life, with her dog Max, for his stupidity and probably arrogance in thinking he was the big man of the Raiders.
As a sportsman, what was he doing drinking so heavily? Driving 153 miles per hour in a residential area shows a total lack of brains.
In this particular case, I would not be surprised, looking at his team of defense attorneys, if he is sent home with a simple slap on the
wrist, but the family of Tina Tintor has to suffer her loss forever and ever.
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky, email her at

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