Clark County Code Enforcement Department: The little things leading to big improvements

When the eviction notices started floating all over Las Vegas, everyone started looking for help and many cried abuse, racism, and many other fake claims all because of the government, the only one guilty of the disaster that is coming to light and is ready to explode.
Why is it the government’s fault? Why is the government guilty of the catastrophe? Because the government is afraid to enforce the law with those who claim to be “poor and defenseless”; the government likes to play Good Samaritan and keep those unknown residents that knowingly play the game (use the law) to their own benefit.
Landlords have mortgages to pay, insurance, employees’ salaries, maintenance of their property, and many other expenses that keep piling up, yet the government — which likes to act like a benevolent Santa Claus to those who for one reason or another are not able to pay their rent or mortgage — seems to forget about the landlords.
It is a reality that the pandemic has put so many people in our community behind in their payments, but in reality, the landlords are in the same boat as the tenants, and what the government should have done is whatever money they sent to the tenants “to help with their rent or mortgage” they should have sent to the landlords directly; it is only fair that the money earmarked for the landlords go to the landlords. Now there is all this conflict because they spent the money that was owed to the landlord on other things and the landlords are left hanging out to dry.
It is time for the government to treat everyone with the same law and the same rules, even if some deserve or need a little more help by
turning their backs on the lawbreakers. Maybe the county commissioners can allow the car-washers on Sirius, between Decatur and Arville, to make small payments until they get their business license paid in full, even if they do not need to make payments because they likely make enough money to pay their debts in full.
The Las Vegas Tribune has written about this many times and the elected officials do nothing about those illegal businesses because
they are afraid to confront them. But as we have said before, those car-washers charge $75.00 per car and they wash an average of ten to
fifteen cars a day, so they make an average of $750.00 to $1125.00 a day — and they pay no rent, no taxes, no business license, no power
bill, and no insurance; their money is clear of all the “extras” that legal businesses must pay.
Yes, it is very noble that they are earning a living by working hard; they do not sit home watching daytime TV and smoking legalized pot
that the Godfather of the marijuana trade (AKA Tick Segerblom,) popularized, but if they want to live the American Dream, they have to
do it like the Americans do and pay their own way as everyone else does.
Having eighteen-wheelers parked in residential areas is also illegal, as is operating a business without a business license. And in the same area next to the elementary school there are always two, three, and even four eighteen-wheelers parked.
Most of those big trucks coming to the city from the highway, where they pick up mice and rats, later end up in residential areas. The
rodents then end up in someone’s backyard where they may run into a taxpayer’s dog or cat if they do not first run into a child playing in
his own backyard.
But the official’s employees that work for the County are under the impression that they are God Almighty and no one can say a thing to
them; most people who work for any government entity are under the impression that they are God’s gift to the world — they are arrogant and do not even return telephone calls — but when someone asks them a question, even though they may have been in the same job since high school, they never know what to answer.
Walking into any government office and asking the lady behind the counter a question, the answer is always the same, regardless: “Let me check; I will be right back,” and she goes in the back to find out what the answer is for the person who just asked the question.
It is time to have efficient personnel that do not have to hesitate before giving an answer they should know even when they are sleeping.
No employee worth their salt should be afraid to give the taxpayer the right answer: the right answer is always the best answer that should be given to anyone and everyone who asks, and there should not be different answers for all who ask the same questions.
Do you hear us Clark County Code Enforcement Department? It’s really the little things that lead to big improvements!

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