This Emperor never had any clothes

Aaron Rouse head of the Las Vegas office of the FBI,

By Ed Uehling
Las Vegas Tribune

Aaron Rouse head of the Las Vegas office of the FBI,

Clark County’s king and emperor, Aaron Rouse, head of the Las Vegas office of the FBI, and his minions, spent half an hour at Thursday’s Asian Chamber of Commerce meeting extolling the fabulousness of the institution, his leadership, his supporters in the community, his subordinates, and himself.
He concluded the celebration of his celebrity by suggesting that maybe someone out in the 100-person membership in attendance might know of something that could be improved and even saying that that sort of criticism was what he wanted more than anything else. Wow, what an opportunity! The FBI chief articulated the unthinkable thought that someone could think the unthinkable and believe that the FBI could be doing something wrong!
Naturally, I jumped (with joy) to my feet, grabbed the microphone and profusely complimented this person on his openness — not mere openness, but his plea for candor! I had three suggestions:
1) I asked him to please read, as soon as he got to his office, the transcript of Head (at the time) Judge Navarro’s scathing denunciation
and her outlining of the crimes committed by the prosecuting attorneys in the Bundy case. Note: The degree of criminality posed by our own government’s attorneys is far greater than anything the Bundys and all their supporters/protectors could have ever dreamed of committing because the prosecutors’ actions threaten our whole system of government: just imagine, their attempt to rig the trials by withholding evidence was given a stamp of approval by the impossibly clean FBI. How many people are languishing in prison because of similar actions in other cases by prosecuting attorneys and FBI “justice seekers”? LOL. Why are the real criminals still running around free, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars, and looking forward to the “Life of Riley.”
2) I asked Mr. Rouse what political manipulations had occurred to limit his agency’s final report on the biggest modern-day massacre in the country to 2 meager pages (actually three pages — my bad). The great, mighty, and brilliant Las Vegas FBI office found nothing in the background of an older man who was vetted and financed by several casinos, having “earned millions playing video poker” on the planet’s greediest and rigged machines, but who never had ties to any agency of the #1 terrorist government on Planet Earth during the last 70 years.
3) I asked him how it could possibly happen that this impeccable investigative and information-based institution is somehow incapable in the last FIVE YEARS of locating the former super-cop, book writer, and TV star — and later, private brothel operator (giving free services to him and his Metro buddies) using prostitutes he and his colleagues at Metro have arrested! Nothing to see here so just move along… yuk, yuk, yuk!
If given more time I would have liked him to elaborate on:
—the FBI’s incineration of 70 people outside of Waco, Texas in 1993;
—the distribution of several thousands of acres of land to political friends by the airport in the 1990s;
—the continuing fraudulent financial reporting of those friends today;
—the corrupt buying of votes in the Legislature in order to gain approval of a stadium financed by taxpayers;
—the twenty-billion-dollar rip-off of small businesses, citizens, and future generations to enrich Nevada’s public “servants” during the
2020 shutdowns;
—the penchant of public agencies in the State to give no-bid contracts to the wife of the current governor,
—the ongoing theft by SNWA of water from the Las Vegas Valley’s eastside residents (who consume less than 10,000 gallons per month) and handing it over to the Hughes Corporation to give its buyers of homes an average of 40,000 gallons per month (and the role in that hypocritical political power play involving former county commissioner and concurrent Hughes employee, Larry Brown);
—the corrupt handling of Cannabis licensing by the County in 2014 and 2015, etc., etc.
Within five minutes of my half-question, the FBI chief cheerleader/coward was outta there and nowhere to be seen. He completely forgot to thank me for fulfilling his request for “suggestions”! Of course, he didn’t even try to answer my questions.
Not unsurprisingly, he used three of the five minutes before skedaddling out of the meeting room after assaulting all of the attendees with another diatribe on the wonderful public services being provided under his impeccable leadership by the great and magnificent
Las Vegas FBI office.
I then asked two of the agents, stuck with sticking around after their leader ran from the room, who to call to provide information to the wonderful public-serving FBI, for its investigation. Both said they could not confirm the existence of an investigation into the handling of the cannabis licensing and could not confirm any number, other than the operator, to call! Apparently, the only thing that the FBI can confirm is its own magnificence!
Let’s face it: the FBI is no better (and probably worse) than the countless other political entities of the State from the governor’s
office to the garbage collection oversight office of Clark County, virtually all of which are serving themselves and their employees to
grab everything they can from the tax-paying public and small businesses throughout the state. It won’t go after the REAL criminals.
The FBI isn’t about to upset the corrupt political balance of virtually every governmental institution. That only proves that the office that Mr. Rouse operates is even more corrupt since it is charged with uprooting criminal conduct. Hopefully, the next government will eliminate this worse-than-useless wart on the whole concept of freedom espoused in the Declaration of Independence.

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