County Commissioners: “Senator McCarran was a racist… and Harry Reid is not?

Senator Harry Reid

My Point of View
By Rolando Larraz

Senator Harry Reid

I try not to mention the name of the president of the United States in respect to the nation and the real American citizens because it is embarrassing what we see in the White House and it is no longer a laughing matter; it is really very, very sad.
But what happened to me is an exact replica of what happened to the American President (not mine, I did not vote for him) while attending an “unofficial meeting” with a very important local personality and, while my guest was speaking, I fell asleep.
No, I am just joking; I hope it never happens to me because it would be a complete embarrassment besides being disrespectful to my guest.
President Biden should prepare himself when attending those meetings because the type of crowd those attendees are will not forget or forgive such behavior because they will not take it as being tired from the trip with time changes and all; they will take it as being
bored, being not interested in the other presidents’ or prime ministers’ speeches; they will take it as an offense and a disrespect to other nations.
We all knew it was going to happen but no one really cared; they wanted their president to win at any cost and whatever the
repercussions would be for all Americans.
What really surprised me was not the party — after all, the party cared only about winning at any cost. What really surprised me was that the family allowed it to happen, knowing the state of his health ever since he decided to run for president and make his long-time dream come true; forty-five years in the Senate and two years as Vice President does not qualify one for president, especially someone in Joe Biden’s shoes.
But the family could not pass up the opportunity of making that happen anyway.
When he was the vice president one could read on his face how much he envied his boss and hoped that someday he could be the one standing in front of the mic.
The President finally got his wish the third time around and yet it wasn’t a “charm,” as he was hoping it would be; it wasn’t his chance to be in control. His wife got her wish to be first lady, and his son was able to magically become an artist overnight, commanding prices right out of the crayon box, selling his paintings at astronomical prices — but not because of his talent; no, for being the hustling (and only) son of the US President.
I also don’t write about the president because, if by some miracle he decides to call it quits, we — yes, we, because I also live in the
best country in the world — will be in Satan’s hands regardless of what the results will be.
Looking at those who might be moving up to the president’s slot might even be worse than what we have now, as hard as that might be to imagine. Whoever will take the place of the sitting president would be a complete disaster for the nation.
Would you imagine having the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, living in the White House? No, no, with Biden, but as a real
president, replacing the entire Biden family.
Well, not the entire family; if the Speaker of the House becomes president, she will hold Junior hostage so he can make her a
millionaire with his paintbox before she goes to prison for causing the death of former White House lady-in-waiting—the ever-hopeful Hillary Clinton, who will have a heart attack and die for not being able to be the first woman president in the United States.
But Democrats are famous for their way of manipulating the system as they want it to be, and President Pelosi will have recruited old Harry Reid to become her spokesperson, realizing that Harry Reid could help her to “patch” up her mistakes; we all should remember the famous date of September 20, 1993, when Reid appeared in the Senate floor with one of his famous speeches attacking minorities living in the United States of America:
“If making it easy to be an illegal alien isn’t enough, how about offering a reward to be an illegal immigrant? No sane country would do that, right?” Reid, a Democrat, asked his peers on Sept. 20, 1993. “Guess again. If you break our laws by entering this country without permission and give birth to a child, we reward that child with U.S. citizenship and guarantee full access to all public and social services this society provides — and that’s a lot of services.”
And years later he made the same mistake with then-Senator Barack Obama stating one of the most racial statements any politician could bring to light calling the former president the horrifying word any White person could bring out of their mouth and he was… blessed for it.
“Senator Harry Reid, the Democratic majority leader, apologized on Saturday for once predicting that Barack Obama could become the country’s first Black president because he was “light-skinned” and had “no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one,” wrote the New York Times in 1993.
And now the Democrats in Clark County are begging for money to rename McCarran International Airport because Senator McCarran was a racist, right?
Thus far four million dollars have been collected; it has to be noted that all seven Democrat County Commissioners refused to donate any amount of money for the project that all seven of them under the direction and leadership of Socialist millionaire County Commissioner Tick Segerblom created and voted for.
Harry Reid is the idol of all seven county commissioners as long as they don’t have to part with any amount of money. Go Brandon!!!
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: or at 702-272-4634.

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