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Commissioners hold onto their wallets for their “pet project” and beg others for money

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune
Do as I say, not as I do seems to be the motto operandi of the Clark County Commissioners after successfully forcing the community to spend seven million dollars for the McCarran Airport name change to Harry Reid International airport claiming that the cost of the name change will be by private donors only.
Thus far just four million dollars has been collected as of October 13, with a balance of three million still to be collected.
Some of those who opened their wallets generously are people who may owe favors to the retired octogenarian Senator Reid who kept pounding his radical ideas around Nevada by those who still see him as an institution from the last century.
All seven county commissioners, led by wealthy socialist Tick Segerblom, who has worked on his pet project for several years and was the first thing he proposed when his pal, former county commissioner Chris Giunguliani gave him a seat on the Board.
All seven, hiding under their assistant’s skirts and the Clark County Department of Communication, assured the Las Vegas Tribune that no taxpayers’ money will be required for this “noble” gesture.
“I don’t recall them saying that they (the county commissioners) would donate any money,” one county spokesperson told this newspaper.
During the public comment about the name change, one county commissioner publicly expressed his gratitude to Senator Reid by
stating that he would never be where he and his family are today if not for the help of Senator Harry Reid.
However, this grateful county commissioner is not willing to open his wallet and donate to the effort of changing the airport’s name.
Commissioner Naft’s office returned our phone call and told the newspaper that “Commissioner Naft is not donating any money for the airport’s name change.”
“Are you sure he is not donating any money to change the name of the airport?” the newspaper asked and the female voice at the end of the telephone line confirm it with “Absolutely.”
There is a street in Reno that is named after Senator McCarran, and also one in North Las Vegas, but none in Carson City, the capital of Nevada.
Patrick Anthony McCarran was an American farmer, attorney, judge, and Democratic politician who represented Nevada as good as, or better than, Harry Reid, in the United States Senate from 1933 until 1954.
McCarran Airport spokesperson Joe Rajchel said it will cost an estimated $7 million to change the name but after the first $4.2 million, the major work to replace the signage at McCarran can begin.
During a public comment several months back there were other names brought to light, like Las Vegas International Airport, but the Clark County Board of Commissioners had their mind set on the one most of them owed favors to.
A county board voted unanimously to rename busy McCarran International Airport after former U.S. Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada that many of them owe favors to. It cannot be Reid International with only the last name as it was with McCarran.

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