Anyone but Olivia Diaz

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune

Councilwoman Olivia Diaz

When Oscar Goodman announced his candidature for Mayor of Las Vegas, the Las Vegas-Review Journal wrote an editorial titled, “Anyone but Oscar,” and Las Vegas Tribune wrote one stating “No One but Oscar” and it happened that Oscar was the best mayor we had in Las Vegas for a very long time. However, that is not the case of City Councilwoman Olivia Diaz, who has been nicknamed the “ghost councilwoman” for her disappearing act in many parts of her Ward.
Diaz was elected in 2018 and since then her constituents in the downtown area have never seen her. She has never once knocked on any of the doors of any offices in the downtown area, yet she is in constant contact with the Latin Chamber of Commerce and other Hispanic businesses in her ward, while she seems to ignore the Anglo community.
She even fired an assistant that she inherited from the two previous councilmen for not speaking Spanish. Both Councilmen, Gary Reese and Bob Coffin, have years of experience and impeccable reputations, told the Las Vegas Tribune that the assistant in question was a great employee with more than 20 years of experience.
Olivia Diaz cannot handle her own Ward, how would anyone with common sense think that she could handle part of Ward One?
Olivia Diaz believes in letting the homeless wander around the streets of Las Vegas, and in their backyards, and now she want to bring the homeless population to the residential area of Ward One. We have to stop Olivia Diaz and her crazy idea that the homeless can come to Ward
One to defecate and urinate on our streets, and in many cases even on our front doors. Isn’t it enough that her “dear friend and ally”
allows the residents of Ward One to operate businesses in a residential area? Most people move to Ward One thinking that they are
moving to a residential area, but instead, they find that they’ve moved to the center of a busy business district, where mechanics,
car-washing, and other businesses are operating freely without paying taxes, business licenses, payroll, and other miscellaneous required fees.
It is a mystery how she got elected, but we were under the impression that she could be good or at least better than Ruben Kiwen who was also running for the same position after a shameful scandal like any other Democrat.
The people of Las Vegas need to come back to reality and if they have aspirations to make a career of public service they need to learn
first to have respect for the same constituents that they, before the election, begged for their trust and their vote.
It is important that the public servants — after they are elected — realize that they have entered into a new job and the people that they promised to serve need to be well served. Every one of those members of the district, ward, seat, or whatever their position is called, are people who — like it or not — are in charge, and Olivia Diaz is no an exception to that fact.
Olivia Diaz is blindfolded and cannot see the cruel reality of the way things really are and that is why many people in Ward One are up in arms over the crazy idea of this “Queen of the Homeless,” who may end up on Ward One, and the residents of that ward believe that Anyone but Olivia Diaz is the perfect headline to her to read.

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