“iLuminate” offers an Experience to remember!” By Sandy Zimmerman



I was invited to attend/ review “iLuminate”, at the STRAT Theater, inside the STRAT Hotel. Everything about “iLuminate” is different- the LED costumes, wireless lighting programs, special effects, choreography, variety of music, and so much more!

The different colors, the designs, it’s a fantasy happening on stage! Get ready to be surprised while you watch the lights on each dancer along with all of the other lights jumping around the stage as they continually change colors and form pictures.

The audience cannot see the dancer’s patches sewed into their customized LED costumes, these patches are the link to their wireless lighting programs. With their wild, fast movements, the dancers also manipulate the patches directing the lights.

Suddenly a dancer’s head disappears, two dancers become four and the scenes keep changing! Even when the dancer’s suits are switched off, bodies that are actually carried appear to float and fly. With everything happening at once, don’t look away or you’ll miss something.

Music, art, and the technological magic of “iLuminate” bring you a story of adventure and romance conveyed by an array of dance styles and amazing light-up costumes. The moves range from contemporary to popping to breaking, all energetically choreographed to popular and classic music by artists such as James Brown and Chris Brown.


The “iLuminate” technology is a discovery created by dancer and software engineer
Miral Kotb. This show was impossible with today’s known technology and Kotb added different techniques for a new dimension in producing this complex, sensational show.

Kotb’s two careers as an attractive dancer in shows and software engineer express a versatility and knowledge reaching beyond designs and development to making “iLuminate” a spectacular one-of-a-kind show!


“iLuminate”:  Named “Best New Act in America” by America’s Got Talent, the brilliant cast of the country’s top dancers and choreographers, along with energetic music, creates a mind-blowing, multi-sensory live show experience. The original blend of dance and technology previously landed iLuminate in a finalist spot on America’s Got Talent and now all of Las Vegas can see the show in action. The dance group has delighted fans around the world and has been seen on hit television shows including Dancing with the Stars, the X-Factor, Good Morning America, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show to name a few. The dancers and technology were also seen alongside artists including The Black Eyed Peas, Chris Brown, and Christina Aguilera on programs such as The American Music Awards, MTV’s Video Music Awards, and BET Awards, in addition to tour dates around the world.

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