NLV Mayor John Lee: Our next governor?

Every time we hear of someone’s death because of the Coronavirus, it makes us wonder; if the vaccine is so good and it’s so “important to be vaccinated,” how is it that vaccinated people are dying at the same speed as those not vaccinated?
We believe that many people keep resisting to be vaccinated only because the government is ordering it to be forced into their system and they do not want to be forced to into anything.
Many people that choose to speak to us wonder: if the vaccine is so great, why is it that the government is making it obligatory, forcible, and even is willing to pay people to be vaccinated?
We believe that if the vaccine is so great and so positive in the system of human beings the government would not have to be as arrogantly forcible as to pay people to obey their orders.
Let’s take into consideration that the vaccine is still experimental and all the labs working on the experiment have no liability.
The American people have to get used to being obedient or have to be brave enough to tell the government to stay out of their lives and to get out of their homes and families’ decisions.
The governor and any other elected official, as well as public officials, has no right to order anyone to do anything as long as we are in a free country — but, are we in a free country?
Our present governor forced the stadium for personal reasons of monetary benefit allowing (while still a county commissioner) the infamous “opening without the parking space needed” under the county mandate (the governor likes the word mandate) just because his wife at the time owned the land where the stadium is located.
Now the privileged owners of the stadium can charge whatever they want to enjoy a day at the stadium, and $500.00 to enter is a good enough price, so the regular and average resident is not capable of raising that amount of money because they have been out of work and their small business operation has been forced to close because of the governor’s mandate of keeping every small business closed and those small business employees out of work because the governor’s friends can charge $18.00 for a soda, and $500.00 to watch the game that they may not watch because they are too busy shaking hands and being seen by others after paying $100.00 for a two-mile ride in a limo.
We need a change in Carson City; we need a real governor in the Governor’s Mansion, and we need a governor that’s not married to someone who rubs elbows with people that hate this country because Nevada is within the limits of the USA.
We need a governor that doesn’t let the residents of Nevada wait for several months for their unemployment checks and uses every excuse for the delay of those checks.
This election needs to be used to clean the state and the county of negative people, people that don’t insult the intelligence of the human beings that live in the state of Nevada.
This election has to be used to clean the state of citizens that are willing to take possession of the state to give it to the enemies of this great nation.
However, do not let yourself be fooled by those with bad intentions; having an R at the end of their name is not the only reason to vote for that candidate.
Joe Lombardo is not the right candidate to lead this state after a bad governor; Joe Lombardo is as bad as the one that sits in Carson City today. In fact, we have been told that they are good friends and one is running for the same seat as the other.
This is the time when every politician comes out of their cave, advertises on local channels, says hello to everyone, and attends all events.
From Maryland Parkway to Sahara and Eastern we were able to see twelve police cars with the red lights on and we wonder how Lombardo managed to find that many cars and that many police officers to display the
image that the citizens of Las Vegas are well protected and well served as they should be.
Just two weeks ago residents of Las Vegas (within Clark County) could not find a police car even if their life depended on it; but today, twelve police cars were stopping cars left and right, giving the impression that the Sheriff is doing a good job.
Now take a look at the city of North Las Vegas in the last four years and see how it has prospered and how all the debts have been reduced to the max.
North Las Vegas is a city that can be seen as an example of prosperity and everything thanks to Mayor John Lee who very well could be our next Governor with the help of every voter.

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