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“FANTASY” Stands-out from all of the other shows” By Sandy Zimmerman

“FANTASY”, at Luxor Las Vegas, presented a breathtaking show, with a regal celebration for the 22nd anniversary of “FANTASY”, a show that has lasted 22 years! Just like a pearl in an oyster, the “FANTASY” show sparkles with exceptionally talented dancers, a creative choreographer, and effervescent singer/headliner Lorena Peril.

Chuck Bowling, COO Mandalay Bay Resort welcomed the audience and commented on the event. Anita Mann, producer, director, and Emmy award-winning choreographer of “FANTASY” appeared and discussed the background of their show. She showed her gratitude of the cast, crew and fans of “FANTASY”.

Murray SawChuck, “Murray the Magician”, “FANTASY’s” regular guest star act with his new wife and assistant Danielle Elizabeth, one of the dancers in “FANTASY”, was a guest tonight for the 22nd anniversary festivities. The “FANTASY” evening’s guest act was stand-up comedian, Shayma Tash,


To commemorate the occasion, these gorgeous dancers posed for the “FANTASY”, “Gold Standard”, 2022 Anniversary Calendar, a picture for each with their own special pose. The calendar package also lists the names of the 16 acts in their show: “Fantasy Girl”, “Bed Fantasy”, “Pole Fantasy”-Man’s World”, “Country Fantasy”, “Silk Fantasy”-SKIN, “Everyone’s Fantasy”, “Queen of the Night”, “Everybody’s Fantasy”, “Peek-a-Boo Fantasy”, “Caliente Fantasy”, “You’re My Fantasy”, “Bed Fantasy”, “Red Light Fantasy”, “Cha Cha”, “Proud Mary”, “Whole Lotta’ Woman Fantasy”, and others.

The photographs for their 2022 “FANTASY” Calendar were previously shot right on the stage of the Atrium


You can gather from their long-lasting history that this is a very special show.

Each act offered a completely different mix of PIZAZZ and sensuality! Yesi Burgess choreographed the special “Proud Mary” dance, and the “Last Dance,” was choreographed by Martina.

It is amazing that “FANTASY” won so many awards: In the past year, alone, “FANTASY” was awarded the show’s first gold award for “Best Production Show” by the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s “Best of Las Vegas” in 2020 and “Best Production Show – Readers’ Choice” by Las Vegas Weekly. “FANTASY” also won “All-Time Best Female Revue” by Las Vegas Weekly and “Best Female Revue” by “Best of Las Vegas.” The show’s dynamic lead singer and headliner, Lorena Peril, was recently awarded “Best Local Entertainer” by the Silver State Awards. Fans may follow FANTASY on Twitter and Instagram @fantasyluxor or like FANTASY on Facebook at Shows are nightly at 10:30 p.m. at the Atrium Showroom, plus a second show at 8 p.m. every Sunday. Tickets are available for purchase at the Luxor box office, online at or by calling 702.262.4400.

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