You get what you vote for, and now he’s ours

Like father like son Joe and Hunter Biden
Former Vice President Joe Biden (right) and son Hunter. Like father like son or like son like father

We have mentioned several times the mistakes that President Joe Biden has made since he was placed in the position of former President Donald J. Trump by the American people. Like the fiasco in Afghanistan
and the border crisis, now it seems that President Biden has replaced president Trump in the eyes of the people of this nation, but they don’t want to realize that it is not President Biden’s fault; it is not President Biden’s mistake. It is everyone’s fault but President Joe Biden’s.
For example, let’s look back at some of the traitors: General Mark Milley, who was very concerned with the mental health of President Donald J. Trump, but is not at all concerned about the memory lapses and mental health of the current president; in fact, General Mark Milley and all of us should be concerned with the mental health of many of the president’s staff and his executive cabinet.

Some of them will even get an F in geography; Vice  President Kamala Harris and Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, who were both sent to the border to “straighten up the immigrant situation” never even found the border. In fact, Vice President Harris was entrusted with that duty and she is still “missing in action.”

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas is another person like General Mark Milley, who, as far as showing loyalty to the president who gave him the position that he now holds, was ashamed of
the country that welcomed him from his native country.
And members of the media bowed to the communists that turned this great nation into what it has become in the last five years.
We believe that President Joe Biden should not be criticized for all the mistakes he has made since January 20 when he was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States after trying three times over several decades in the Senate and eight years as vice president.
President Biden has earned the right to make all the mistakes in American politics that he makes and it is our humble opinion that the ones who should be blamed for having President Joe Biden sitting in the White House today are the American communist members of the media who have lied, protected, and served the communists sitting in the Capitol as members of Congress and the U.S. Senate.
Also, those who bow to the one who criticizes the millionaires while they also have so many millions that they have lost count, but the more important losers are those “nobodies” who pretend to know about
politics and voted for the Democrats who turned out to be the enemies of the nation; and once those politicians win a seat somewhere in the world of politics, they’re never to be seen again.
It has always been our opinion that politicians are the ones who visit any and every group and organization while they are running for a seat, but once they win, they are never seen or heard from again.
But still, we do not blame the professional politicians; we do blame the people of this nation who are always infatuated by being friends with and being photographed with those same people that they can only
see during the election, hustling for votes and pimping them for their vote.
The ones that should be blamed are those who allow the politicians to buy their votes and then are treated as nothing because they have a new social circle. The ones that should be blamed for the situation
that we now have are those humble people that know nothing about politics and nothing about the politicians, those who allow the politicians to cheat them, lie to them, abuse them, and get nothing in
Those are the people that are known as the “CONSTITUENTS” and are happy to have their pictures taken and have the opportunity to call the politicians by their first name, but that is all. The politicians do not invite the “CONSTITUENTS” to their private parties; they do not invite their “CONSTITUENTS” to play golf at their private golf course because it is not election time; there is no time for them to write a check for them.
Those are the people who are guilty of having Joe Biden in the White House; those are the ones who are guilty of having Joe Biden in the White House and Kamala Harris waiting in the hallway — the wings — of
the White House for her opportunity to become the first Black woman sitting in the seat of the President of the United States of America.
Don’t blame Joe Biden; blame yourself for putting Biden in the White House — and next time, please do your homework before voting… or do it the easy and lazy way, by reading the Las Vegas Tribune to avoid
things like we have today.

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