Sam Peters interviewed on Newsmax about General Mark Milley

Sam Peter interviewed made first page of Newsmax Magazine

Republican Candidate for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District, Sam Peters, joined Bob Sellers on Newsmax this past week.
They discussed the ongoing situation with General Mark Milley after Bob Woodward alleged Milley maintained backchannel communications with the Chinese Communist regime at the end of Trump’s administration.
“If we go back to what allegedly was said where General Milley told the Chinese we are not going to have a surprise attack… Absolutely treasonous comments from the highest-ranking military officer in the land,” said Peters.
Peters continued, “Not only should he resign. If he resigns, this should not be swept under the rug which often happens in a resignation situation. He should be held to the fullest extent of the law, because he put America in grave, grave danger…”
“I am going to challenge my Congressional Republicans and Democrats too… to hold him accountable to address these issues with General Milley. Not only the Afghanistan debacle but certainly this situation as well.”
“They still have blood on their hands in that administration. Let’s not forget that,” Peters concluded.

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