Right or wrong, I make my own decisions and take my own political risks.

Councilwoman Michelle Fiore
My Point of View
By Rolando Larraz

Councilwoman Michelle Fiore

When I learned of the situation that Michelle Fiore was facing, I was not surprised at all because her friendship was real, but it was not reciprocated because her “friend” is a very greedy and selfish person who wants to jump from one position to another and I wrote about it twice, and the third time I did not write about her for two reasons,
even if she was told that “no one reads that newspaper.” I did not write about her with respect for Chuck Muth, who at that time was involved in her campaign.
I do not support people for office because of the letters after their name or because I like one or another, I support people for office when I believe that the person is a dedicated public official that will work for the community.
Since I founded the Las Vegas Tribune, the Mesquite Tribune, and the North Las Vegas News, I have never participated in the endorsement process of any of those  publications.
I offered Michelle Fiore three hours on Radio Tribune at no cost, with no obligation more than being there to speak to all her constituents and being able to hear their problems and being able to learn how she can be of help to them because I could see that that is what she wanted. Michelle religiously was there at six in the morning and spoke to the community until nine in the morning.
Michelle Fiore stopped talking to me because, I think and assume (we all know what happens when we assume) that her “best friend” instigated her to stop speaking to me, but I never stopped believing in Michelle Fiore. My respect for her never stopped or changed in any way, shape, or form.
In fact, when the opportunity arrived for her to transfer from the Nevada legislature, I, not knowing if she was going to take my call or hang up on me, mentioned the opportunity to her.
The only public or elected official I ever asked for a favor was City Councilman Stavros Anthony, when my brother passed away; the Funeral Home told my family that it would take three weeks to release the body and I called Councilman Anthony and we had my brother’s body the next day and for that I will be grateful to him for the rest of my life, even if he is not allowed to speak to me or associate with me by orders of a “grandmother” we both know.
I believe in helping any candidate that, as Michelle Fiore, will think of the best of the community and that is why I found the need to endorse North Las Vegas Mayor, John Lee, for Governor. You see, now I can afford to endorse candidates because this newspaper is now funded all the way by me and only me.
That is why I can afford to defend Councilwoman Michelle Fiore as much as she needs anyone to defend her, as much as she needs and allows me to defend her.
That is why I took the liberty to endorse John Lee from day one regardless of how many others decide to run for that position because it is my belief that no one can be better than John Lee as the next Governor of this great state, the state that sixty-three years ago welcomed me here, opened its door to me and never once closed them in my face.
I will support and place political signs for Governor candidate John Lee all day long, in my office, and at any other business I may own. I never asked any one of them for a favor. I am lucky I do not get too many tickets, but if and when I ever do get a ticket, I just quietly pay it.
In the same way, I am endorsing Richard Scotty for Secretary of State. Scotty, a former District Court Judge that I did not endorse the first time around, but I did endorse him in the second race and now I am giving Scotty my endorsement again.
If tomorrow Michelle Fiore decides to run for another position or run for reelection, I will again offer my support and my endorsement.
That is the benefit of being an independent REPUBLICAN who is lucky enough to make his own decisions because I do not depend on anyone.
Right or wrong, I make my own decisions and take my own political risks.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: Rlarraz@lasvegastribune.com or at 702-272-4634.

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